Complete Lenten Series for 2010

Tomorrow is the last day of Lent and I want to  thank all of you who have journeyed with us toward the Cross by following the reflections on my blog during this season.  I will continue to upload some new prayers in the next couple of days but I wanted to thank you too for all who have contributed either by writing reflections or by sending me links to videos, prayers and reflections that had inspired them.  this has been a very popular series.

For those that missed out here is the complete series of reflections and prayers.

Easter Sunday Prayer for 2010

Walking with Jesus to the Cross How do we follow – by Karen Anderson

Good Friday Prayer for 2010

Reflection for Monday of Holy Week

Giving Things Up Does not Imply Loss

How Has Lent Changed You?

What Is Palm Sunday?

The Story Of Two Lost Sons – Thoughts from Tim Keller & Henri Nouwen

Companions on the Journey by Stan Thornburg

Following Jesus Each Day – Lynne Baab

Prayer for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Watching Swallows Pray – music video by Jeff Johnson

Show Me the Suffering of the Most Miserable – a Lenten Prayer by Cesar Chavez

Lent – A Season of Solidarity – Wisdom From St Benedict

Don’t Curse the Darkness – Let the Son Shine Through

Are We Ready For Easter?

What You Really Need When Life Is Loud – Ann Voskamp

Lent – Honouring the Cracks – Kathy Escobar

Growing During Lent – Don’t Look Too Closely – Thule Kinnison

Lent a Season Of Solidarity – Wisdom from St Benedict – Walter Forcatto

Walking in Darkness – Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Where is Jesus in Your Neighbourhood?

Wisdom From Henri Nouwen – More Thoughts For Lent

The Prayer of St Ignatius Loyola – A Lenten Reflection

Don’t Curse the Darkness – Let The Son Shine Through

Who/What Is God

Lent – Educating Us Into Freedom

Acceptance, Acclimatisation, Activity – Steve Wickham

A Lenten Prayer from Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A Prayer for the Second Sunday of Lent – What is Joy?

A Franciscan Benediction by Joshua Spiers

What do We Thirst For?

Two excellent videos from the 24/7 prayer network

A Meditation for Lent – Prayer as Justice

Community as Prayer – Another meditation for Lent

You might also enjoy these earlier posts

A Little Humour for Lent

Am I worshipping God for Only Me?

Getting Ready for Lent – What Could You Give Up For Haiti?

And for those that are still wondering what Lent is all about

Lent is Not a Ritual

Lent 2010 Resource List Updated

Also check out the Steps of Justice website which is posting daily justice focused reflections for Lent


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  1. […] Christine Sine posted Godspace’s Complete Lenten Series for 2010, including material for Good Friday and Easter.  Thank-you to Christine for organizing this great […]

  2. […] Lent is almost here and we are fast approaching the season that most challenges us to reflect on our faith and the real cost of following Jesus.  One again I want to invite you to participate with me in Lenten reflections that challenge us to take the call of God on our lives more seriously.  Last year we reflected on the theme Walking With Jesus Towards the Cross How Do we Follow? […]

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