A Breathing Prayer by AB Simpson

I have just been working on an article on Writing Breathing Prayers as a Spiritual Discipline for the upcoming MSA Seed Sampler – Writing as a Spiritual Discipline.  In the process I came across this beautiful breathing prayer that I wanted to share with you.  It is written by   A.B. Simpson, who was founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance:

“Breathing Out and Breathing In”

Jesus, Breathe Thy Spirit on me,

Teach me how to breathe Thee in,

Help me pour into Thy bosom

All my life of self and sin.

I am breathing out my own life,

That I may be filled with Thine;

Letting go my strength and weakness,

Breathing in Thy life divine.

Breathing out my sinful nature,

Thou hast borne it all for me;

Breathing in Thy cleansing fullness,

Finding all my life in Thee.

I am breathing out my sorrow,

On Thy kind and gentle breast;

Breathing in Thy joy and comfort,

Breathing in Thy peace and rest.

I am breathing out my longings,

In Thy list’ning loving ear,

I am breathing in Thy answers,

Stilling every doubt and fear.

I am breathing every moment,

Drawing all my life from Thee;

Breath by breath I live upon Thee,

Blessed Spirit, breathe in me.

3 Responses

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  2. thx for sharing AB Simpson’s breathing prayer. We desire to abide in Jesus as He commands us, like a branch in the vine. Yet, during the day, we are not consciously leaning on Him. A breathing prayer will certainly help us to abide in Hm.

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