The Kingdom is Here – Let’s Celebrate!

The Kingdom is Here – Let’s Celebrate! This morning I was sitting here wondering where to start posting for the series The Kingdom Is Here – Where Do You See It? I must confess I was feeling a little bleary eyed because Tom & I have just returned from Beacon New York where we celebrated his nephew’s wedding.  Then last night we celebrated and prepared a lavish meal for the coming ordination and appointment of our Board Chair Coe Hutchison to Grace Lutheran Church in Port Townsend.

Suddenly it hit me.  This is what the kingdom looks like.  Not the bleary eyed feeling of too much travel and not enough sleep but the wonderful exhilaration of having joined in these two important celebrations.  It is not by accident that Jesus performs his first miracle at a wedding celebration or that some of the most vivid imagery of the new kingdom that we look forward to is of a wedding celebration.  God is a God of celebration.  Jesus loved to party.  He was right there in the midst, not just enjoying the food and fellowship but making more fun and enjoyment by turning water into good wine.

I think that every time we celebrate together in fun and fellowship God is there in our midst enjoying the party with us,stimulating our imaginations as we plan how to enjoy each other, nudging our creativity as we decorate, and concoct new recipes, guiding our hands as we prepare the food.

This fun loving celebrative God who enjoys laughter, music and yes good wine (read about that wedding at Cana if you don’t believe me), is not a God that many of us are well acquainted with but this is one that all of us should get to know. God loves a good celebration and so should we.

Celebrating with Mike & Gina

Mike and Gina Sine

Tom and his Brother Jack

Tom & I enjoy the celebration

Celebrating with Coe and Janet Hutchison

Coe and Janet cut the celebration cake

Helping Coe & Janet find their way around - an old map of Port Townsend