Walking with Jesus to the Cross – How Do We Follow

We are almost at the end of Lent and we have one final reflection on the season.

This guest post is contributed by Karen Anderson, who writes on the topic of online bible college .  She welcomes your comments at her email id :karen.anderson441@gmail.com

Walking with Jesus To the Cross – How Do we Follow?

Every true Christian goes through this period of angst when Easter is around the corner. The 40 days of Lent that start with Ash Wednesday and culminate in Easter is a time for prayer, repentance, self-denial and almsgiving. It is also the time when we walk with Jesus to the cross, the one he bore and was crucified on for all the sins of mankind. It’s a time for introspection and change, a time to reflect on our sins, ask for forgiveness and vow to become better people. And to follow Christ during this time, here’s what we need to do:

  • Remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us: As true Christians, we need to remember that every year, Jesus goes back to die on the Cross because God promised to redeem us from our sins by sacrificing his only son. When we remember this, it’s easier to stay away from sin and temptation. Christ lived the way he wanted us to live; he exhorted us to forgive our enemies and love our neighbors. His walk to the cross is a constant reminder that no matter what the provocation, we must not rise to the bait and give vent to our emotions. He who keeps the peace will be blessed.
  • Attempt to be worthy of such a sacrifice: We are not worthy of the huge sacrifice that Christ made, but we must at least strive to become so. And to do this, we need to observe Lent the way it was meant to be – by adopting austere measures, helping those in need and those who are less fortunate than us, being nice to our family and friends, not lying and cheating, and following the words and teachings of Christ. When we rise above the norm and attempt to do exactly as Christ taught us, we become a little worthy of his huge sacrifice.
  • Strive to become better persons: Jesus’ sacrifice should serve to remind us that we need to become better persons not just during the period of Lent but also throughout the rest of the year as well. When we use Lent to ruminate about Christ giving up his life for our sins, we tend to become better people; we don’t let pettiness and trivial problems cloud our minds and we learn to live and let live so that there is more peace and goodness in this world.

Each of us has our own way of following Christ on his walk to the cross. The important thing to remember is that we must not repeat the mistakes of the past and become better with each passing year.

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  1. A great message for the season. Thanks for sharing.

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