Acceptance, Acclimatisation, Activity

The first Friday of Lent and now that Ash Wednesday is over many of us are struggling with how seriously to follow Jesus during this season.  Here are two excellent blogs I have been made aware as people have sent me reflections for the blog series Walking With Jesus to the Cross: How Do We Follow?

The first is a blog post by Steve Wickham.  Steve lives in Perth, Australia and is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, MSIA, RSP) by day and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min) who writes at other times. His blogs are at: Tribe Work: Living Life Together and Ex-ceed and Epitome

Lent is a time of preparation; well at least it is to me. I found my most rewarding Lent season was in 2004, personally, travelling the Passion of the Christ season—seeing the film seven times—living through my own dark season, eating very sparsely and walking; sometimes over thirty kilometres a day. My succeeding Lent’s haven’t been nearly as integrated and passionate, I must confess. But there’s always 2010!  Read the entire article

The second is a series of Lenten reflections that Steps of Justice are posting.  Steps Of Justice began out of the injustices that missionaries with Youth With A Mission would see while traveling the world sharing the love of Jesus. Each day will look at a different area of injustice in the world.  And as it was in YWAM that I first learned to respond to the injustices in this world, my heart really resonated with what was shared.

Day 1 – HIV/AIDS

Day 2 – Education of Girls

There is still time for you to participate in this year’s Lenten Challenges with the Mustard Seed Team.  If you wish to join us please let me know.

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