Christ Is Coming – An Advent Meditation for 2010

Here is my advent meditation Christ Is Coming for 2010 .  This is the fifth Advent meditation video that I have produced. This 5 minute advent meditation focuses on the coming of Christ into our world- not just as a child in a stable but as the bringer of justice and freedom. Music for the meditation features Kyrie – I Call to You from the CD, Standing Still by Jeff Johnson ( Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

The You tube version of this video is intended for personal use but if you plan to use these for a congregation we would very much appreciate you considering purchasing the High resolution version – that is what helps finance the ministry of Mustard Seed Associates.  If you use the You tube videos regularly you might also like to consider a donation to Mustard Seed Associates to assist us in being able to continue producing videos like these.  Check out previous year’s Advent videos here.  If you would like the entire collection on a DVD they can be purchased as a set (High resolution) – email us for details.

A high resolution version of Christ Is Coming is available for download from the MSA store on mustard seed associates  If you would like it on a DVD please email me.



28 Responses

  1. It is beautiful. I love the gentle music.

  2. The salubrious blend of images, transitions, comforting words and beautiful music will make this video a favourite meditational tool for those struggling and at-bliss alike – and this in a season leading to more wondrous rumination regarding the King of kings. Positively brilliant.

    • Yes. It is brilliant art in God. the song and music is like heavenly sound to me. Even through this tool can be used as encouragement for peole. this meditation is so special all pictures ans music became fantastic harmony.

  3. Christine,

    Once again your video has inspired me to look forward to Advent… Jeff Johnson is one of my favorites. His Psalmus is my constant companion. Last Advent your video inspired our Advent in our yoked parish… I am looking forward what this new one will give birth as we await the One who fills all-in-all. Thank you.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I would love to know what you did in your parish

      • If I pay the $15.00 to download christ is coming – an advent mediation, can I copy it from my computer to a CD so I can use it on my laptop for a presentation or is it only available to use on the computer to which I download it? It’s just beautiful. I am doing a presentation to a group in South America and would like to use it. Thanks, K

  4. Beautifully done.

  5. We would love it on DVD…we can’t download from the ship. Please let me know how we could get it. Thanks!
    God’s blessings,

  6. What a blessing. I am sitting at my desk, in my office, and have felt the presence of God through this mediation that I will take into my day. Thank you.

    • I was watching and listening this meditation with my wife in our unit. We can understand how you felt about it. This meditation is really challenging me passionate. I personally think longing heart for Jesus can be good criteria whether proves real Christian or not. Hope you have eager heart for Jesus is coming. Bless you

  7. This is wonderful in its message of hope!!

    • Yes mate! I feel exactly same like. you. It is message of Hope. I am studying Christian and Hope at the moment. Actually I was looking for some hopeful message or teaching. Eventually through this site I have found correct one. Isn’t it wonderful that even though we are all different we have same hope Jesus is coming. Jesus should be hope for even other people who do not know.

  8. Wow thanks for all the beautiful responses to this. I appreciate the feedback as it helps me shape next year’s video… maybe even make some others during the year

  9. Thanks for this Christine! This will really bless our church.

  10. loved this… would be great to use it in the tiny, remote township of Mallacoota, Victoria, Australia… But a DVD would be more helpful….Please contact me re this if it is possible. Thanks

  11. Thank you Tom, I hope you remember my couple who shared about community together in Worldview in Tas in Australia last year. I still remember your good teachings and all you contribution for our class. Christ coming video is really challenging me to have hope that Christ is coming soon, Maraantha. Not only me but also everybody who loves Jesus Christ has same hope I think. Jesus is our hope for whoever longs for him. Through some pictures of people seem to need hope which is Jesus. Thank you for encouraging me through this, hope your coulpe is all well in Chirst.

  12. Oh~! sorry Christine. I thought it is written by Tom but you! please forgive me 😉 Thanks.

  13. “For more than a child born in a stable”
    I like that.

  14. thanks Matt, glad you enjoyed it

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  19. I would be interested in the DVD with all the Advent video meditations for use during advent Sundays. But I would need to have it expedited to Canada by the end of the week (653 – 4th Ave. SE Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada S9H 0Y7). I’m assuming this would be cheaper than downloading each one separately and more convenient to use. Herman

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