Imaging Jesus

What is the image that comes to your mind when you think of the face of Jesus? I love to explore images of Jesus from different cultures. I find that looking at Jesus from a Chinese, African or Latin American perspective often reveals new aspects of who Jesus is to me.  if you are looking for a great array of images of Christ from different cultures I heartily recommend Matt Stone’s blog Glocal Christianity

Supper at Emmaus - He Qi

Supper at Emmaus - by one of my favourite artists He Qi

Some of my favourites images come from the art of Chinese artist He Qi. He Qi first encountered Jesus while painting a replica of Madonna during the political unrest of Maos time. In the daytime he painted Chairman Mao and at night he painted Raphaels Madonna, allowing her peaceful eyes to touch his heart. Since then he draws only scenes from the Bible and seeks to incorporate Christian art into his Chinese culture, changing the image of Christianity from a foreign art to a familiar sight. As the first man to get his PhD in religious images after the communist regime fell, He Qi has studied in China and in America. Currently one of the most popular artists in Asia, He Qi’s amazing use of bright colors and stories tell of a Truth that could change the east.

Pentecost - Jesus MafaI also love the art painted by a Cameroonian organization called Jesus Mafa. In 1973, Christian communities in Cameroon (Africa) longed for a visual representation of their Jesus. As a group, they staged important scenes of Jesus life which were then painted by a French artist, captivating the African spirit. Their colorful representations have been sold around the world and continue to touch people of all nationalities, showing a mix of the simplicity and profound spirituality with which Jesus changed lives.

Overseas Ministries Study Center hosts artists from around the world for a year long artist in residency programme. Their art can be viewed on the OMSC website

Today while reading Will Samson’s blog I came across another interesting set of images of the faces of Jesus on the Rejesus website.

This image is from the Shroud of Turin it is one of the more controversial images of Jesus


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  1. Christine,

    Here is another side with different interpretations on the faces of Jesus.

  2. Eliacin,
    This is great. It is wonderful to see how many different interpretations there are of the Face of Jesus. He really does have a face for every time and culture and situation.

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  4. Great post. I enjoyed reading it.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Beloved in Jesus Christ,

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  7. Amazing blog by “Matt Stone’s- Glocal Christianity”

    I like the way you have shared about Jesus and I believe other readers will also enjoy reading your article.

    I appreciate you for sharing Matt Stone’s blog url.

  8. So glad you found and like Matt Stone’s blog – I love it. THanks for letting me know too.

  9. […] images from different cultures. I first wrote about this some years ago in a blog post entitled Imaging Jesus and even produced a youtube video to go with it. One of my earliest so it is a little funky now, […]

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