Prayers for the Journey

Prayers to light the way

Prayers for the journey - Daily thoughts to light the way

It is a couple of weeks since I posted a summary of my facebook prayers. Speaking commitments and the travels they entail have kept me busier than usual. As well as that I am working on a new book that has come out of my blog series on Tools for Prayer. I plan to incorporate a number of the facebook prayers in it as well. The title is Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray. I will keep you updated on progress over the next couple of months.

Anyhow – enough of excuses. Here are the prayers from the last couple of weeks with links to posts with prayers from other authors.

God may I give up my life to you,

So that you can fill me with your life.

May I let go of my expectations,

So that your promises can be fulfilled.


God lead us home to your heart of love,

May we practice love in all we do,

And become your broken bread and poured out wine,

To prepare ourselves for your eternal world.


God may your grace and mercy rest on us,

Your peace and righteousness surround us,

Your compassion and love fills,

May we practice love in all circumstances,

And prepare ourselves for your eternal world.


God we are yours forever,

Your grace and mercy are poured on us,

You faithfully fulfill promises made long ago,

Your covenant of love and peace stands firm forever,

And we worship you.


God you have claimed us as a special possession

The God of rich compassion and abundant mercy

You are slow to anger, tender hearted and filled with love

Forgiving all our faults and sins

You have extended your kindness through all generations

And we praise you


May we take up our cross and follow,

Toward the inner work of love.

May we see the miracle of redemption,

And embrace the wonder of salvation.


Lord of life, touch and transfigure us,

Let your love grow strong and deep within us.

Let your compassion bloom in us,

Your righteousness bear fruit,

Your generosity encourage us to share.


God you are a covenant making God,

who gives assurance of salvation and faithfulness,

Who unveils compassion and love.

May we see your signs in the wilderness,

Believe your promises in the midst of temptation ,

And follow your call into the kingdom.



And in case you missed some of the prayers that I have posted this week here are the links:

Lenten Prayers by St Augustine of Hippo

Fall In Love – A Prayer by Father Pedro Arrupe

A Franciscan Prayer for International Women’s Day

A Prayer by Thomas A Kempis

Disturb Us O Lord – A Prayer by Desmond Tutu

Do It Anyway – A Prayer by Mother Teresa

And from previous years:

A Lenten Prayer by Caesar Chavez: Show Me the Suffering of the Most Miserable

A Lenten Prayer by Ignatius Loyola



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  1. Thanks for sharing the prayers …. Darrell

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