Earth Day Is Coming

Bees on BorageNow that Easter is over I m starting to think about Earth Day on April 22nd. Our church will be celebrating with a wonderful opportunity to bring a bag of soil from our gardens to be blessed. For some this may sound a little strange but as a keen gardener I am delighted with the idea. My garden needs all the blessing that it can get especially as we depend on it to produce a good percentage of our fruit and vegetables over the next 6 months.

I suspect that one of the reasons many of us have lost our reverence for God’s good creation is because we are not dependent on our own gardening or farming efforts to provide our food. Many of us have no idea where our food comes from and have no sense of the blood, sweat and tears that can go into producing our evening meal. Nor are we aware of the nasty chemicals and poisons that may have been added to what we are eating.

Gardening has given me a reverance for God’s creation that I never experienced before. It has also taught me many lessons about God. Celtic Christians believed that God was everywhere present in creation. They believed that creation is translucent and let through glimpses of the glory of God. They felt that everything reflects and responds to his creative presence and sustaining love. Canadian geese on Greenlake

This is not hard for me to believe when I spend time drawing in the fragrance of a rose or watching the bumble bees move from flower to flower or catch sight of the new goslings at greenlake. I don’t worship creation but I do find appreciating what God has created also helps me worship the God who created it.

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