Could You Host a Gathering Place dinner?

A couple of weeks ago we held our first Taste of the Mustard Seed event in Seattle.  One of the attendees was our friend, TV cooking personality Graham Kerr, once known as the Galloping Gourmet .  Graham was so excited about what we are doing that he has gifted us with 1,000 copies of his book The Gathering Place, to help us launch the Mustard Seed Village. This book is an exciting collection of menus from around the world designed to bring all of us back to the dining table to share delicious food and warm companionship.

Graham is inviting all of us to host Gathering Place dinners at which we share food and companionship while learning about the Mustard Seed Village of the future. Each host will receive a copy of The Gathering Place to assist them in planning the dinner.  Graham suggests you invite each guest to contribute a dish prepared from one of the menus in the book.

Hosts would also receive a packet of information about Mustard Seed Associates and the launch of the Mustard Seed Village which could be discussed during the meal.  At the end of the meal guests would be invited to prayerfully consider contributing a gift to help us launch this important venture.

This type of small hospitality gathering is very much in keeping with our approach at Mustard Seed Associates.  We already have enthusiastic supporters who are planning meals throughout the the U.S and Canada and invite you to join them.  Please email me today, leave a comment on this blog post or call us at 206 524 2111 for your Gathering Place host resource kit.

For those of you who are not familiar with Graham here is a video of of him cooking with Johnny Carson many years ago.  I still don’t think there is a TV cook as entertaining.

4 Responses

  1. I would love to host one at our yoked parish. I like this. Since we live on the other side of the country I have always felt the loss of not being able to come to Mustard Seed gatherings. This will be great way to connect. Blessings.

  2. Christine, count me in on organizing one of these Gathering Place meals. What a creative way to get the conversation started!

  3. Thanks Brian and Banu for your enthusiasm and encouragement. We will be sending out detailed information on this next week.

  4. I would love to host a gathering place dinner, maybe even more then one. My husband I are missionaries with an organization called Missionary Maintanence Services (MMS). The mission of this organization is to prepare people and planes for the mission field. We are located in Coshocton Ohio.

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