Labyrinths in Lavender

I love the combination of walking and fragrance. Probably my favourite combination is lavender and labyrinths. I talked about labyrinths in a previous post and in my recent book Return to Our Senses. Recently I have discovered a number of such labyrinths that I thought you might enjoy.

A couple of years ago I posted this beautiful photo of a lavender labyrinth in Kastellaun Germany.

Lavender labyrinth Kastellaun Germany

Lavender labyrinth Kastellaun Germany


This one in Yorkshire England 


Yorkshire lavedner garden

Yorkshire lavedner garden

This at Cherry Point Farm Michigan

Cherry Point Farm labyrinth

Cherry Point Farm labyrinth

And this one at Tebri Vineyards in Oregon

Labyrinth Tebri Vineyards Oregon

And yet another from Latitudes of Lavender also in Oregon

latitudes of Lavender labyrinth

latitudes of Lavender labyrinth

And if you are looking for some good music to aid your meditation while labyrinth walking, consider this beautiful music by Hildegard von Bingen

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