The New Conspirators – final countdown

Our first international traveller Mark Pierson has just arrived from New Zealand (with a new supply of tea and vegemite for me) and we are on the final countdown for The New Conspirators: What in the World is God Doing.  This is shaping up to be the most exciting conference we have ever held  Our speakers come from a broad array of backgrounds and our registrants from an even broader spectrum.  We are looking forward particularly to the opportunities there will be to brainstorm together and to imagine new possibilities for life and mission.  If you can’t join us make sure you check out the website for updates throughout the conference and for the MP3s that will be available afterwards.

As well as this Tom’s new book The New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed At a Time,  was released last week so we are juggling conference & book… what a week!

4 Responses

  1. May God journey with you each step of the way.

  2. Thanks we appreciate your prayers for this very busy week

  3. Christine,
    I sooooo wish I could attend this! I will pray for you all. I plan on ordering the book.

    Aloha and Blessings!

  4. Tom, Christine, Mark, and others… Blessings from Hong Kong! I wish we could be there but will have to participate and encourage from afar. Praying this truly is the best conference ever and that God’s kingdom purposes are furthered through your ministry.
    Blessings and love from the Wades!
    See you in the summer!!!

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