How Long Do You Spend in the Shower?

This morning I was reading this article at on Unilever’s push towards sustainability.  I was fascinated to see that one of the major obstacles they recognize is people’s showering habits.  Many of us not only shower too frequently  (there is evidence that suggests that daily showers are not always good for us) but many of us also spend far too long in the shower.

In Australia during the 10 year drought evidently a lot of people restricted themselves to 2 minute showers.  When I was on the mercy ship Anastasis we restricted ourselves to 3 minute showers because of the shortage of water.  Now I never actually placed a stopwatch in the shower but it did teach me a habit that I have never gotten over.

How long we spend in the shower may not seem like a justice issue but it could be and even more so in the future.  As I read about the concern that the wars of the future may be over limited water rather than land I am glad that I am able to at least make this small contribution.

So my question for you – how long do you spend in the shower and do you think it matters?