Rats, Rats and More Rats

This weekend has been great except for the fact that I have been battling with rats on the back porch.  I was gathering ingredients to make granola yesterday and discovered that the rats had eaten through the plastic container my oats were in.  Frustration!  Then I saw that they had also gnawed their way into the rice.  (Screaming and gnashing of teeth at this point.)  So I grabbed every large glass container I could find and tranferred my supplies.  Thinking – that will get them only to come out this morning to find that my peaches all had teeth marks in them.  Round 1 to us I could hear the rats saying.

As I struggled with the frustration I couldn’t help but think of Jesus’ words – It is the little foxes that destroy the vines.  It is not always the big things in our lives that eat the fruit of our labours, it is often the small and seemingly insignificant pests, like rats.  And like rats these small destroyers are ubiquitous.  Rats have invaded every part of our world, and in many places are forcing native species of birds and small rodents into extinction.

It is not just necessary to produce good fruit I realized, it is also necessary to protect it until it is used. And the better the fruit the more likely it is to be attacked by pests.  So much to contemplate here, but it is time for morning prayers so maybe I will add more reflections later.  But I would love to hear your thoughts.