Prayers for the Journey

The weekly round up of prayers from Light for the Journey includes two that I posted as separate posts during the week. However as these have been extremely popular prayers I thought that I would include them here for those that missed them.

A blessing

John O’Donohue,

May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours, may the fluency of the ocean be yours, may the protection of the ancestors be yours. And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life..

Posted by Contemplative Network 

This prayer inspired by reading the various views about food stamps and who is responsible to help the poor.

God you call us your friends,
Not just one but all.
Not just the rich but the poor,
Not just the powerful but the marginalized,
Not just the vocal but the voiceless.
Befriended, made family together,
One in you, responsible to care for each other.
God we all live in the light of your goodness,
We all rely on the light of your love,
Renewed as we share the mind of Christ,
Renewed together with the abandoned and abused,
Welcomed, cherished, restored,
With transformed minds and renewed hearts.
One in you, made family together.

Christine Sine 

I love to start the day with a breathing prayer – reminding myself that I am created by the breath of God. Here is one I wrote at the beginning of this week:

Breathe in the love of God,
Let if fill you will grace and mercy.
Breathe in the life of God,
Let it empower you with truth and justice.
Breathe in the peace of God,
Let it sustain you with faith and hope.

Christine Sine

For the many who battle with dementia and feel isolated, frightened and alone, a prayer written by one who suffers with them. Let’s be the church that prays because we care and cares because we pray.

Oh dear Lord, hear my prayer,
And show me that you really care,
Trouble is I can’t remember,
All my prayers for you to tender,
Will this matter, on the day,
When we meet, what will you say?
If I didn’t have dementia
I would recall my holy Venture,
If I don’t pray, from time to time,
Remember that my minds not mine,
Please forgive me, as you know,
No matter what, I love you so.

Norman Mc Namara

Posted by The Contemplative Network 

I feel the older I get that life requires tremendous courage on behalf of every person. I came across this lovely Lutheran prayer for courage, and having prayed it myself I offer it as a prayer for each one of us.

Lord God,
you have called your servants
to ventures of which we cannot see the ending,
by paths as yet untrodden,
through perils unknown.
Give us faith to go out with good courage,
not knowing where we go,
but only that your hand is leading us
and your love supporting us;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Posted by The Contemplative Network 

Rhythm of Life.001

God you only will I serve,
Through faithfulness and righteousness.
God you only will I follow,
Through justice and in truth.
God you only will I exalt,
Through praise and worship.
For you alone are worthy,
You alone are holy,
You alone are eternal.

Christine Sine

Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still

Posted by The Contemplative Network 

God may we look to eternity,
With hope and not with fear,
With expectation and not with dread.
May we see the tree of death
on which our Saviour died ,
As a tree of life connecting heaven and earth.
May we see the wind
that whispers through the trees,
As your life giving Spirit
Breathing your life through all the earth.

Christine Sine 

Last but not least I wanted to make you aware of a resource available from John Birch, one of the regular contributors to Light for the Journey. His new book God of Compassion is currently available for download for £1 (about $1.60 U.S.) I love his prayers and have thoroughly enjoyed his previous books Heart2Heart and Prayers for the Journey



Prayers for the Journey

Many of the prayers this week have focused on Syria, 9/11 and the call to peace. Reflect and enjoy.

The world you have given us is a fragile place


A prayer for this weekend as USA considers military strikes into Syria. Let our voice be heard by God and by a watching world.

Posted by Micha Jazz – The Contemplative Network

You may also like to check out my previous post this week:

Memorial 9/11 Prayer and Pope Francis’ Call to Peace

Other prayers add to our collection of morning and evening prayers (coming soon in downloadable form). I am more and more convinced that we need to begin and end each day with prayer as well as pausing through the day to recentre and refocus on God

God, infinite, eternal, every present One,
As the night descends ,
I give this day into your hands.
Creator, who made me in your image,
I commend it to you,
All I have done to create beauty and life.
Redeemer whose loving action bought my freedom,
I commend to you,
All I have done to bring freedom, justice and wholeness.
Sustainer who taught me kingdom ways,
I commend to you,
All I have done to share love, compassion and generosity.
God of the universe, Lord of the earth,
I give this day into your hands,
Take its joys and sorrows,
Take its laughter and tears,
Take its strengths and weaknesses,
In the darkness of night,
Revive, renew, restore,

Christine Sine

Lord Jesus Christ,
I commit this day to you.
Each breath I have taken,
Each deed I have done,
Each person I have met,
I place them in your hands.
Lord what I have breathed in of you,
May it lodge in my heart and mind.
Lord what I have breathed in that is not of you,
May I exhale its toxicity away from body.
In sleep may I find rest,
Breathing out the anxieties that have stressed me,
Breathing in your calming presence.
Lord Jesus Christ ,
I commit this day to you,
All it has held belongs to you.

Christine Sine

My lord I have no idea where I am going source unknown

Following prayers uploaded by Micha Jazz

Jesus, Savior, pilot me
Over life’s tempestuous sea;
Unknown waves before me roll,
Hiding rock and treacherous shoal.
Chart and compass come from Thee;
Jesus, Savior, pilot me.

“My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing.” Thomas Merton


Prayers for the Journey

Lord I thought I should arise

Life is full of sacred moments
waiting to be explored.
Whispers of love,
Spaces of solitude,
Fragrance breathing prayer.
May we uncover them,
rejoice in them,
walk in their life giving light.
And find in them the glory of God,
which shines over all the earth.

Christine Sine

I sometimes wonder if it’s easier to write prayers of adoration when the sun is shining, and those of confession when the clouds gather. No guesses as to the weather forecast in Wales for today!

For the love that you have shown us
since the moment of our birth
and the path you open for us
as your servants here on earth.
For the footsteps that we follow,
and your words that we shall say
as seed that we shall scatter
as we walk this chosen way.
For the harvest you shall gather
on that great and glorious day,
O Lord to you we offer
this our sacrifice of praise

We celebrate the God of light,
who is the source of all warmth, direction and hope
We have been embraced in Your love,
restored in Your grace,
and welcomed into the fellowship of Your people.
You are the One in whom there is no shadow of turning;
Who walks with us through moments of uncertainty,
aiding our steps, and reassuring us of Your promise.

Read the entire prayer:

Forgive us, Lord,
when we forget,
struggling in darkness,
searching for answers,
relying on our own strength
and falling down again.
Remind us, Lord,
you are the strength
on whom we can call,
the power to endure,
the answer we seek,
the one in whose arms
we can safely rest.
Forgive us, Lord
when we forget.


Lord Thank you for creating beauty from fallen things



Prayers for the Journey

The prayers over the last couple of weeks on the Light for the Journey Facebook page have, not surprisingly revolved around concerns for the victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the theme of Pentecost. Once again there are too many to post all of them but here is a sampling.

In the shadow of your wings

Our eyes are on you O Lord,
Our steps follow your path,
Our hearts are attuned to your beat.
Let us not waiver in our walk,
Or turn from your commands.
Let us see your unfailing love,
And know your life giving presence.
Let us trust in Christ our rock and our redeemer,
And put our hope in God the living and eternal One.

Christine Sine

Our hope is in the living God,
Our trust is in Christ the Saviour of all people.
His commands please us,
They give us wise advice,
that keeps us on the path of righteousness.
Justice and mercy flow from his lips.
May they excite us with a passion for God’s ways.
And lead us into God’s eternal purposes.

Christine Sine

You are our strength
when courage fails,
our protection
when waters rise,
our comfort
in storm and gales,
ever present
throughout our lives.

You are the truth
by which we walk,
the wisdom
that is our guide
the message
of which we talk,
the bridegroom
waiting for the bride!

The Cross is the hope of Christians

The cross is the resurrection of the dead

The cross is the way of the lost

The cross is the saviour of the lost

The cross is the staff of the lame

The cross is the guide of the blind

The cross is the strength of the weak

Read the entire litany at St Cuthbert’s Oratory

Lord surround us with your shield of love,
Let we find refuge under your wings.
Lord be the rock under our feet,
Let us cling to our faith in Christ.
Lord sweep your peace through our hearts and minds,
Let us abide in your eternal presence.

Christine Sine

From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
you are with us
every moment of the day,
our reassurance
when storms assail,
our strength
when courage fails.
From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
your light illumines
every step along the way,
our comfort
when darkness falls,
the peace
that calms our soul.
From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
you are with us


Lord Jesus Christ you are
The love of my heart,
The light of my life,
The breath that I breathe.
Lord Jesus Christ you are
The one who gives me hope,
The unseen one who never dies,
The one in whom all creation holds together.
Lord Jesus Christ you are
Saviour, redeemer, renewer,
Creation sings glory,
And we worship you.

Christine Sine http;//

You shall receive power


Prayers and Thoughts for the New Year – 2013

Rainbow tree - posted by Micha Jazz

A few days ago I posted this prayer for New Year’s Day 2013. In the last few days however, there have been several beautiful prayers posted on the Light for the Journey Facebook page for the new year which I thought you might enjoy. I normally post all the prayers at once at the end of the week but thought that these needed to stand alone.

Lord Jesus Christ, pierce my soul with your love so that I may always long for you alone, who are the bread of angels and the fulfillment of the soul’s deepest desires.
May my heart always hunger and feed on you, so that my soul may be filled with sweetness in your presence.
May my soul thirst for you, who are the source of life, wisdom, knowledge, light and all the riches of God our Father.
May I always seek and find you, think about you, speak to you and do everything for the honour and glory of your name.
Be always my hope, my pece, my refuge and help in whom my heart is rooted so that I may never separate from you.
(Bonaventure – 13th Century)


“This is the new year the new you. You can pass through another year, coasting on cruise control. Or you can step out of your comfort zone, trying things you have never done before, & make 2013 as the year that you elevate from where you are & soar high. Make it happen!”
― Pablo (posted by Micha Jazz of Contemplative Network)


Every moment is a new beginning, every handshake a promise. I know that every quest implicates the other, just as every word can become prayer. If life is not a celebration, why remember it? If life — mine or that of my fellow man — is not an offering to the other, what are we doing on this earth?
— Elie Wiesel from “Open Heart”
Thanks to My Soul in Silence Waits.


The God who breathed this world alive
and sustains it day by day,
whose hands flung stars into space
and controls our destiny
says, “Do not be afraid, for I am with you.”
The God who filled the ocean depths
and set tides on their way,
who caused mountains to be raised up
and rainbows to display
Says, “I have called you by name, you are mine.”
The God who made the fertile earth
and seed within to sow,
whose artistry creates butterflies
and the early morning dew
says, “You are precious in my sight.”


God the eternal rock is with us,
From year’s beginning to its end,
In hard times and in good,
God is with us from year’s beginning to its end.
God almighty is faithful,
Present in each day and every moment,
Drawing close in every act and deed,
God is faithful through all eternity.
God is trustworthy,
Yesterday, today and forever,
Sustaining, enlivening, making all things new,
God the eternal rock is with us this day and evermore.

Prayers for the Journey

Speak to me

Speak to me – Bonnie Harr

The beauty of the prayers that continue to be posted on the Light for the Journey site enrich and stir my faith. I hope that they will yours as well.

Let us walk into this day,

God’s love to give us hope,

Christ’s life to give us guidance,

The Spirit’s power to transform us.

Let us walk with joy,

Let us walk with purpose,

Let us walk each step towards God’s new world.


May we put our hope in God’s unfailing love,

And trust in God’s eternal faithfulness.

May it lead us into paths of justice,

And guide us towards God’s righteousness,

Where we give ourselves to feed the hungry,

And commit ourselves to share God’s healing.

May we always live towards God’s new reality,

A new community with wholeness, peace and abundance for all.


Let us pray for justice

Let us pray for justice

God give us this day your hearts desire,

May we love as you love with justice and mercy,

May we live as Christ lived with compassion and generosity,

May we become what the spirit intends filled with peace and joy,

May we this take new steps to be transformed into the image of God.


Pray for justice

Pray for justice – Christine Sine

Lord, we bring to you those ‘almost’ moments.

When the opportunity arose to bring your name

into a conversation and we almost did.

When we were challenged to give to those

who are in need, and we almost did.

When we heard of an injustice and, tempted

to reach for our pen, we almost did.

When challenged by the whisper of your voice

to go where you would send, we almost did.

Forgive our timidity, our reluctance

to live the life that we proclaim.

Fill us with your Spirit of love and power

that by our words and actions

your name might be glorified,

and our ‘almost’ become ‘always’!


May our ears be attuned

May our ears be attuned –

In you, O Lord, do we trust,

in your love we delight,

for there is no other

to whom we can turn

who knows our needs

before we ask,

reads our hearts

and answers our requests.

In you, O Lord, do we trust,

in your peace we depend,

for there is no other

to whom we can turn

who calms our souls,

brings release,

and in whose

arms we would rest.




God let us not hold onto what we should release,

Let us not embrace what does not satisfy,

Let us not commit to what is not your will.

May we give up all to follow,

Twighlight burning

Twighlight burning – Bonnie Harr

Prayers for the Journey

Celtic prayer

From Mary DeJong

The end of another busy week  and it is time to post prayers from my facebook page Light for the Journey. The richness of contributions from the expanding team of contributors is amazing.  As I mentioned last week, I have enlisted the help of Jamie Arpin Ricci author of The Cost of Community and founder of Litte Flowers community in Winnipeg Manitoba; Phileena Heuertz co-founder of Word Made Flesh and author ofPilgrimage of a SoulMicha Jazz a contemplative activist in Chichester UK and a member of the Axiom Monastic Community; Bonnie Harr who posts prayers and reflections at In His FootstepsJohn Birch who posts Celtic Prayers and Resources atFaith and WorshipMary Plate DeJong who leads pilgrimages to Iona Scotland and is Forest Steward for one of Seattle’s urban forests and Mark Scandrette author ofPracticing the Way of Jesus and founding director of ReIMAGINE in San Francisco.

There are too many prayers for a single post, so I will post some today and some tomorrow. If you would like to access these prayers and reflections each day (and see  all the beautiful images that accompany them) please “like” the Light for the Journey Facebook page.

God my creator,

Draw me closer.

Christ my redeemer,

Draw me closer.

Spirit my advocate,

Draw me closer.

Let the eyes of my heart rest on you.


God may I give myself only

to that which satisfies my heart,

May I give myself only

to that which strengthens my soul,

May I give myself only

to that which draws me closer to you.


God you are love,

All you are expresses love,

All you do flows from love.

Lord wipe the scales from our eyes,

That we might see what love is doing.


Eternal God, Creator of all that is,

all that was, all that will ever be.

You who made the sun and moon,

Who brought night and day into being,

Transform our darkness into light,

Renew us, restore us, redeem us,

Let your presence shine through us,

That all might see.


This is your world I step upon

the air I breathe

the food I eat

This is your world I step upon

the sounds I hear

the people I meet

This is your world I step upon

your footsteps

where I place my feet



Lord Jesus Christ let your words flow into my soul,

Let them nourish me,

Let them grow within me,

Let their truths rise up within me,

Let them give me life.


Let this moment settle in my heart,

Let all that it holds rest secure in the love of God,

Let the wonder of the holy One

radiate from the centre of my being,

Until the reality of Christ’s inner presence

Spills out into the world around me.


Bonnie Harr - Aspen Praise

Bonnie Harr – Aspen Praise