Prayer for the Fourth Sunday of Lent 2013

Prayer for 4th Sunday of Lent.001

A Prayer for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

Lent is more than half over and it is hard to maintain the disciplines that it demands of us.  We become impatient to move on to the next thing (or at least I do) and in the midst we miss what God is wanting to accomplish in our hearts.  This morning I was reading Contemplative Vision: A Guide to Christian Art and Prayer, by Juliet Benner.  I found myself reflecting on this comment.

Times of spiritual retreat are not opportunities to get away from the realities of our lives but times of training in awareness, attentiveness and responsiveness to God in the midst of those realities.  They should prepare us to return to our regular lives with God’s heart of compassion and love for ourselves, for others and our world. (p43)

Lent is in many ways the ultimate retreat time and we need to make sure that we allow it to accomplish God’s full work in our hearts.  My meditations this morning resulted in the following prayer:

God may we centre our lives on you this day

And drink in your divine presence

May we expose ourselves to the full light of your son

And allow him to penetrate the darkest corners of our being

May we not hide from your discerning spirit

But surrender to your loving discipline

May we in all things seek to be aware of you

So that we may see your world clearly

Awakened and realigned to your purposes