As the New Year Dawns – A New Year’s Prayer for 2013

As the new year dawns

God as this new year dawns,

May we take time to see the newness you are giving birth to.

May we not be blinded by the darkness that consumes our world.

Or consumed by the fear that paralyzes our actions.

May we remember,

That out of winter’s darkness you bring forth light,

That out of winter’s death you give birth to new life.

May we remember,

That which has been dormant will spring to life,

That which has been pruned will sprout new strength.

May we remember,

You are the light by which we see,

You are the fountain that gives us life.

God as this new year emerges,

May we give birth to that which honours you,

May we bring to life that which allows your goodness to shine,

May we give fresh expression to your eternal world,

And in the depths of our hearts may we cry,

Your kingdom come,

Your will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.



Jesus is Near How Do We Draw Close – Posts for Advent 2010

Advent is over and the Christmas season will soon be over too.  In fact for many of us whose lives revolve more around the secular than the liturgical calendar, we have rung in the New Year and feel that Christmas is well and truly in our rear vision mirrors.  I hate to leave Advent and the Christmas season behind so I thought that this was a good time to post my final list of Advent reflections.  In fact if you are like me you are probably a little behind with your reading and this may jog your memory so that you can go back and read those that you have not had time for.

Thank you to all who have journeyed with us during this season either by contributing a post or by commenting on posts that others.  I pray that you will continue to journey with us throughout this coming year.  In fact those that wish to continue this liturgical journey may like to read these prayers and reflections written for the Christmas season first.  Prayers for the season of Epiphany will be posted in the next couple of days:

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A New Year’s prayer to welcome 2011

i am sitting at home on a beautiful frosty winter’s morning looking out at the snow covered, sun drenched mountains.  it is already New year’s day in Australia and my thoughts and prayers are still with my family in Sydney.  However I am also ready to welcome in this new year with a sense of God’s eternal presence and thought that I would share yet another prayer with you that came to me while we were travelling

God is the eternal rock

From year’s beginning to its end

God is faithful

In each day God is present

In each action God comes close

Through all eternity

God is trustworthy

Yesterday, today and forever

Sustaining, enlivening, making all things new

God is the eternal rock