Pray for the Hidden Broken Ones

I just received this email in response the the recent MSA Seed Sampler from Jeff Strong who works in Oregon.  He would appreciate your prayers.  The mentally ill are so often not just marginalized but ignored by our society as well as by the government.  Please pray for these people who are so close to the heart of God.

AH yes Brokeness, it is taking on a whole new meaning for me of late. In our ministry we are dealing with many families and singles who are loosing their jobs and their homes and all the rest that goes with and in that realm. This week has been particularly trying for me.The state of Oregon has reduce and in some instances cut funding for many group homes that deal with the mentally challenged and those who are in Hospice. Try to picture getting a call from a dying man who is being evicted from his hospice and has only 6 months to live or 5 families who are losing their apartments because the Property is being foreclosed on. Then you will have a whole new concept on the word Brokeness. So as you and yours pray, please keep us in them for the burden is very heavy.