Jesus Is Near: How Do We Draw Close – Advent Blog Series Begins Sunday

The season of Advent, the beginning of the liturgical year, begins on Sunday and I am once again hosting an Advent series on my blog.  The focus for the season is Jesus is Near: How do We Draw Close. There are over 30 people signed up to contribute at this stage which means that there should be at least one post each day.  But there is still time to contribute so please let me know if you are interested.  Also please let others know about the series – tweet it, facebook it, share it on your blog  too and above all have a blessed Advent

Here is the list of contributors:

Andy Wade
Barb Buckham
Cindy Todd
David Bayne
Ed Cyzewski
Idelette McVickers
James Prescott
Jamie Arpin Ricci
Jeff Borden
John Leech
Jon Stevens
JR Woodward
Jude Tiersma Watson
Julie Clawson
Kathy Escobar
Kimberlee Conway Ireton
Kristin Tennant
Lewis Pearson
liz Dyer
Matt Stone
Michelle Wade
Pat Loughery
Phil Cunningham
Ryan Marsh
Shawn Small
Stan Thornburg
Steve Fouch
Steve Wickham
Tara Malouf
Thomas Turner
Tim Morey
Tim Soerens
Tom Sine