Prayers for the Journey

Thank you O Lord

Lord as I enter this day,
May your fire be kindled in my heart.
May the flame of your love burn bright within me,
May its spark ignite your love in others
Warming the lonely,
Comforting the grieving,
Protecting the vulnerable.
This day and every day
May your love shine bright for all to see.

Christine Sine

When heart is heavy,
body weak,
life filled with sadness,
spirits low,
when days are lonely,
dark with cloud,
preventing sunshine
breaking through;
remind us that you are
never further away
than a whispered prayer
can reach,
never closer
than when we’re weary
and on our knees.


One of my favourite Gerald Manley Hopkins poems:

Glory be to God for dappled things-
For skies of couple colour as a brindled cow,
For rose moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches wings;
Landscapes plotted and pieced-fold, fallow and plough;
And all trades, their gear and tackle trim.

All things counter, origninal, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swift slow; sweet, sour; adazzle; dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change;
Praise him.


When we call out your name
in times of hardship
or in our despair
and fail to hear your voice
or see the answer we desire,
forgive our impatience.
When we pray for healing,
freedom from fear
or relief from Satan’s grasp,
and grow weary of the task
of continuing with prayer,
forgive our lack of faith.
Your ways are not ours,
but in all things you are God,
your love and justice
will always prevail.
In your time and in your way
you will answer all our prayer.


Lord Jesus Christ,
your ways are good
and I praise you.
Your purposes are true
and I exalt you.
Your compassion never fails
I lift my eyes to you in adoration.

Christine Sine

Like the joy of the sea coming home to shore,
May the relief of laughter rinse through your soul.

As the wind loves to call things to dance,
May your gravity by lightened by grace.

Like the dignity of moonlight restoring the earth,
May your thoughts incline with reverence and respect.

As water takes whatever shape it is in,
So free may you be about who you become.

As silence smiles on the other side of what’s said,
May your sense of irony bring perspective.

As time remains free of all that it frames,
May your mind stay clear of all it names.

May your prayer of listening deepen enough
to hear in the depths the laughter of God.

— John O’Donohue (from “To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Invocations and Blessings”)

With thanks to Philomena Ewing

For all answers to prayer
gracious Lord, we thank you.
For a touch bringing healing
and lives made whole.
For the sharing of comfort
when the season is cold.
For one door that opens
and another one closed.
For the unseen blessings
of sharing your word.
Gracious Lord, we thank you
for all answers to prayer.


You are the God of eternal patience, ever waiting, ever planning, ever working towards a purpose of which we have just a glimpse.
Our vision is often more limited: by our own concerns, by our own fears, by our own imaginations.
Yet in these things there are seeds: the work of your spirit opening our mind and stirring our actions towards something greater than even we see.
Grant us, in this time of worship, a measure of grace to continue to wait in hope, to wait in expectation, and to wait with an openness to the fullness of Your purpose.

God of all ages, you have repeatedly planted the dream in unlikely people.
We remember the vulnerable and barren Abraham, whom you chose to father a multitude long before (and after) it seemed possible.
You called Moses to lead a transformation, even while he was part of a power which was at the heart of that problem.
Amos was a shepherd and tree-keeper in another part of the world when you sent him to your people with a unique message.
And Hosea – a man with deep family relationship issues – becomes a bearer of hope in the midst trouble.

Your eyes, O God, have ever been lifted to a future beyond our vision, yet one of which you give us glimpses.
Though we barely understand, and though we do not trust our capacity to see it through, we pray that you would continue to lead us through.
For you have not only shared the vision with us, You have poured out Your Spirit upon us, empowering us to do, and to be…
In our worship, we declare Your glory
In our prayer, we seek Your wisdom
In community, we begin to understand the wonder of Your grace.
In our surrender, we declare our trust in You.
Lord, we praise You!

Gary Heard

Lord, let us walk into this day
Your light before us,
Your shield behind us,
Your friends beside us.
Lord, let us walk into this week
Your life before us,
Your strength behind us,
Your love around us.
Lord, let us walk from this place,
Your wisdom before us,
Your truth behind us,
Your breath within us.
Lord, let us walk into the world,
Gratitude in our hearts,
Thanksgiving on our lips,
Joy in our spirits.
Lord, let us walk into your loving presence,
In the name of the One who loves us,
In the name of the One who cares,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One in Three, Three in One.

Christine Sine

Gracious and generous God,

We remember all the gifts you have given us,
We remember how lavishly you have provided,
We remember how lovingly you have cared,
We remember especially that greatest gift of all,
Jesus Christ our Saviour,
And we give you thanks.

Christine Sine

On this our journey of faith
we trust in you alone, Good Shepherd,
guiding us
along a path you are familiar with,
leading us
beside green pastures and quiet waters,
feeding us
your word as refreshment for our souls,
steering us
from that which might tempt and divert,
protecting us
from that which might harm or destroy.
We trust in you alone, Good Shepherd,
on this our journey of faith.


We listen




Waking to Mystery By Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Today’s post is by Kimberlee Conway Ireton, author of The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year and the forthcoming memoir Cracking Up: A Postpartum Faith Crisis.

It had always seemed to Emily, ever since she could remember, that she was very, very near to a world of wonderful beauty. Between it and herself hung only a thin curtain; she could never draw the curtain aside—but sometimes, just for a moment, a wind fluttered it and then it was as if she caught a glimpse of the enchanting realm beyond—only a glimpse—and heard a note of unearthly music….And always when the flash came to her Emily felt that life was a wonderful, mysterious thing of persistent beauty.

L.M. Montgomery, Emily of New Moon


Reading Emily’s story for the first time at the age of 13, I fell in love. I wanted to be Emily. I wanted her sixth sense, her mysteriousness, her appreciation of beauty, and especially her experience of what she called “the flash.” Oh how I wanted that glimpse of the transcendent, that thrill at the momentary parting of the veil between heaven and earth.

What I did not know then is that I did have these glimpses of the glory beyond. I think I did not recognize them because I did not understand that the flash is a double-edged sword. When the veil parts, and I glimpse—something—it fills me with awe and delights my soul, but it also opens in me a yearning, a deep and almost painful desire. The older I get, the stronger and more aching the longing becomes to plunge into this mysterious beauty and to live in those moments that shimmer with a radiance that is beyond what I usually see or know.

When I was younger, I would grasp at whatever ushered me into the enchanted realm beyond the veil—the sleeve of my husband’s crisply striped shirt, a bowl of roses fresh-cut from my rosebushes and sitting in a bowl on the counter, the crescendo of the organ as we sing the name of Jesus in church—in an attempt to replicate the experience and so quench my desire to live in moments of mystery.

This never works. After the moment has passed, the thing itself is a reminder of what I once saw or felt or heard, but it can no longer usher me into that other realm. Now I (mostly) know better than to pick roses with the expectation that they will open a window on mystery. I’ve learned that I can never enter that other realm by contrivance or desire. I can only try to pay attention, because I never know when or where the veil might part and mystery might unfold before me.


These weeks between Pentecost and the first Sunday of Advent comprise the second cycle of Ordinary Time. Smack dab in the middle of this season, on August 6, comes the feast of the Transfiguration, one of my favorite holy days. One of the things I love most about this feast is that it falls during Ordinary Time, a profound reminder that when mystery confronts us, it is often when we least expect it—God takes the ordinary moments of our lives and transforms them into something holy.

I imagine that when Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up on Mount Tabor to pray, the disciples are not expecting to glimpse the mystery of the Incarnation. How many times had these disciples prayed with Jesus in the months or years they followed him? Dozens? Hundreds? And never before had the appearance of his face changed and his clothes become dazzling white. Never before had Moses and Elijah appeared with him in glory. So it is hardly surprising that Peter, James, and John are half-asleep as Jesus prays through the night. Only when they fully awaken do they come face to face with mystery: they see Jesus in his glory, a glory that is his from before time, but which has been veiled from their sight until this moment when they finally see him as he truly is.

As Moses and Elijah are about to leave, Peter bursts out in his impetuous way, “Master, it is good for us to be here; let us make three dwellings, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah” (Lk 9:33). He wants this moment to last, I think, but he also, instinctively, wants to contain their glory. And no wonder—perhaps he knows that we mortals can only bear so much reality before it overwhelms our senses.

Perhaps this is why the disciples are terrified as they enter the cloud. They know that the cloud signals the presence of God, and they know that no one can look on God and live. It is not simply because we are sinful and God is holy. No, it is because God is Real, and our finite minds cannot comprehend nor our frail bodies bear the eternity and majesty—the utter Realness—of God.

I began to understand this fear of God experientially a dozen or so years ago when I took a trip to the Olympic Peninsula from my home in Seattle. As I drove up to Hurricane Ridge, I stopped along the side of the road and got out of my car to look at the mountains. I gazed at the enormous peaks and valleys that rose and fell before me in breathtaking beauty all the way to the horizon, and I began to shiver in spite of the warm August sun.

I was, in truth, terrified. In the face of such vastness, such ancient and incomprehensible substantiality, I felt my own smallness and insignificance. I tried to make myself stand there and reckon with the terror I felt in the presence of a world far older and more tremendous than the one I had known only moments before, but I could not. I turned my back on the mountains and fled to the seeming safety of my car.

In my finitude and weakness, I cannot bear to look on ultimate reality any more than I can bear to look directly at the sun. And so reality is veiled, hidden from view—at least most of the time. But every so often, like Emily and the disciples, I glimpse the enchanted realm beyond the veil. I see, for a fleeting moment, the glory of God.

These glimpses beyond the veil are what sustain me, filling me with hope that, ultimately, all will be well. For in the moments when the veil parts, I see the not-yet now, I glimpse the beauty at the heart of all that is, I see things as they really are and not as they usually appear.

It is as if I, like the disciples, am half-asleep and dreaming until the glory of transfiguration overshadows me and I wake, for a moment, to mystery.

This post is excerpted from Kimberlee’s book, The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year.

Prayers for the Journey

This post consists of prayers posted each day on the Light for the Journey Facebook page – enjoy
I believe in a brokenhearted God.001

Today’s prayer inspired by this quote from Jan Johnson’s book When the Soul Listens:
“Contemplative prayer and the contemplative lifestyle it will create, is really for those who are ready to quit the small, self-absorbed confines of the old man… and be made new. And nothing is newer in this world than a man or a woman who is alive with God’s love”

God almighty, lover of my soul
May we seek you for yourself alone,
May we know the wonder of you love,
Above, below, before, behind,
May it fill, surround and hold us.

© Christine Sine

May our ears be attuned
to the whisper of God,
our hearts open
to the love of God,
our voices raised
in the worship of God
and our lives transformed
by the power of God.


Give wings to our prayers O Lord,
Let our desire for justice fly to you.
Let our hearts of compassion be filled by you,
Let our passion for righteousness be guided by you.
Give wings to our prayers O Lord,
Let the rise as incense before you.
Let them find favour in your sight,
Let them show us the wonder of your love.
Give wings to our prayers O Lord,
Let them lead us to unity,
Let them free us to serve you,
Let them guide us to eternal life.

© Christine Sine

A beautiful litany from The Celtic Way of Prayer by Esther de Waal – one of my favourite Celtic books

O true Priest, O true Physician, O true Prophet, O true Friend,
O only Sustainer of the Threefold mansion,
O only life of all created things,
O only Light of the seven heavens,
O Subject of the Scriptures meditation.
O Object o the chief prophets search,
O Marrow of true wisdom,
O Father of life,
O Voice of the people.

(Note: the threefold mansion is earth, heaven and hell.

© Christine Sine

God of the past,
accept the people we have been
and the baggage we drag behind us.

God of the present,
accept the people we are now
and the potential that lies within us.

God of the future,
accept the people we could be
and by your Spirit transform us.


God before me

God beside me

God behind me

God is with me

God to lead me

God to accompany me

God to provoke me

God is with me

God my light

God my companion

God my shield

God is with me

God the Father

God the Son

God the Spirit

The Three in One





Micha Jazz

Prayers for the Journey

This week’s prayers from the Light for the Journey Facebook page
Bless to us O Lord - John Birch

Pastor Dave Hodson reshaped one of this week’s prayers, to be a “Trinity Prayer”, ala Celtic traditions…
I love it

Heavenly Father,
God of seed and growth and harvest,
Creator of all that grows and all that sustains,
give us we pray our daily bread,
enough for our own needs
and an abundance for all good works.
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
You broke the bread for the multitudes,
and broke bread with your disciples.
Give us also we pray, the bread of life,
that we shall have a care to feed the hungry,
and to seek for peace and justice in the world.
Guiding and Empowering Spirit,
You bring to mind all that Jesus taught,
and you give us strength to walk in his steps.
Help us to remember and to know in our hearts,
that you are our life today and every day;
Holy God; Holy One; Holy Three…
Our hearts are restless, until we rest in you.
You are the food we need, now and for ever.

And here is the prayer which inspired him which was in itself inspired by the New Zealand Prayer Book

God of seed and growth and harvest,
Creator of all that grows and all that sustains,
give us we pray our daily bread,
enough for our own needs
and an abundance for all good works.
Give us also we pray, the bread of life,
that we shall have a care to feed the hungry,
and to seek for peace and justice in the world.
Help us Lord to remember and to know in our hearts,
that you are our life today and every day;
you are the food we need, now and for ever.

Christine Sine

To know you, Lord
what more could we desire?
To know your love,
hear your call,
feel your touch,
understand your suffering,
follow where you have walked
into resurrection life.

To know you, Lord
what more could we desire?
To run the race,
eyes focused,
spirit filled,
stumbling but rising up,
heading toward the glorious sight
of resurrection life.


God shine your light today
In places blanketed with darkness.
God unfold your love today,
In places where hate destroys.
God show your life today,
In places where death holds sway.
God reveal yourself
Overcome evil with good,
Conquer death wit life,
Dispel hate with love.
Through Jesus Christ
Bring renewal, restoration and peace.

Christine Sine

Lord Jesus Christ grant us this day ,
Such delight in following you,
That we may know
the wonder of your love,
the beauty of your holiness,
the joy of your presence.

Christine Sine

Bless Those Who Annoy You by Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Today’s post is by Kimberlee Conway Ireton, author of The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year.


I’m driving on Westlake toward the south end of Lake Union, where I’m supposed to drop off my son for his sailing lesson. The lesson starts in five minutes, and he’s going to be late. I’m in the left lane, trying to get past a semi, but there’s road construction and the street narrows to one lane just ahead.

I manage to get in front of the semi, but when I look over my shoulder to see if there’s space for me to merge, the semi driver steps on his accelerator. I’m forced to slip in behind him. “Jerk!” I say out loud.

“Who’s a jerk, Mama?” my daughter asks from the back of the van.

I take a deep breath. One of the practices I’ve embraced since beginning my year of prayer is to bless those who annoy me. This occurs most often and most viscerally when I’m driving. After more than two decades of habitual screeching at the morons with whom I share the road, I have a deep groove in my brain that sends words like idiot and jerk and something that starts with A and ends in hole streaming out of my mouth when I’m sitting behind a steering wheel.

But recently, I’ve begun to realize something. Jesus, about whom I’m all gaga right now, this God-man I say I follow and want to be like—well, it’s dawning on me that he wouldn’t yell names at semi drivers who cut him off. He wouldn’t mutter miscreant or cretin under his breath, however smart such words might make him feel. No, Jesus would see that other driver as a child of God, created in the divine image, beloved.

This is a very frustrating realization. There’s something morally satisfying about feeling myself slighted or mistreated when I’m driving. It feels like I have a right to yell about it. And maybe I do. But as I draw nearer to Jesus, I find the yelling isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. As soon as the nasty name is out of my mouth, I feel myself convicted: That’s My child you’re calling a jerk.

And I recall the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus is very clear that name-calling is not okay:

Whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the fires of hell.”


And so I’m taking a small step toward no longer calling people fools (or other choice words). When someone annoys me while I’m driving, I pray a blessing over them—after I call them a name, of course. I’d like to get to a place where blessing is my knee-jerk response to irritation, but I’ve a long way to go in that department.

Truth is, half the time when I pray those blessings, I feel a bit self-righteous, like I’m so great that I’m praying for those who annoy me. This used to stop me from praying—I don’t want to be a hypocrite. But then I realized that not praying is exactly what the enemy would want—whatever it takes to shut me up, even if that’s a realization of my own hypocrisy.

So I pray the blessing anyway, even though I’m still annoyed. I pray the blessing even though there’s part of me that feels smug for doing so. I pray the blessing even though I don’t wholly mean it.

Because I want to wholly mean it. I want to get to a place where praying a blessing over those who annoy me is my first response. Right now, I still have to go through the name-calling to get to the blessing, but I’m trusting that with time and practice, the distance between annoyance and blessing will shrink, and that one day, I’ll be able to smile when the semi driver cuts me off and say an instantaneous and heartfelt blessing over him.

“Mama?” Jane asks again. “Who’s a jerk?”

“Oh, the guy driving that truck cut me off,” I tell her. “It’s really not a big deal.”

Then I launch into my blessing, “God, please bless the driver of this truck in front of us. Please give him peace as he drives. Please keep him safe so that he reaches his destination on time and without harm. And please let him be a blessing to other drivers on the road.”

“Amen,” Jane says.

Amen, indeed.

Jesus says “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” For those of you who, like me, aren’t yet able to do this, let me invite you to begin by simply praying for those who annoy you, whether that’s another driver on the road, a blogger with whom you disagree (anyone praying for me right now?), or a colleague who consistently rubs you the wrong way. Let’s use our annoyance and irritation as a call to prayer and so transform it into another path to the heart of God.

Prayers for the Journey

This week’s summing up of Facebook prayers is written from Sydney Australia where I am currently visiting my Mum. I have found myself sitting quietly each morning enjoying the bird sound and reflecting on the prayers that others have written and reflecting on Mary De Jong’s post on Ordinary Blessings. I  hope that you enjoy them too.

Labyrinth Bonnie Harr

Labyrinth Bonnie Harr – In His Footsteps

New Dawn

O Lord,
At each new dawn
You draw back the veil of the heavens
writing messages to all, and some see.

What do you require?

To do justice ~
To love mercy ~
To walk humbly ~
To walk with You. . .

Teach us that fairness is not justice;
mercy is not kindness, alone;
humility is not self-negation;
walking with You is everything.
Amen. B.D. Harr © 2012


prayer for Justice

prayer for Justice

God help us to dream impossible dreams,
Not for ourselves but for your kingdom coming.
Help us to pray, not for tasks within our power,
But for your power to equip us for tasks beyond our imaginings.
Help us to risk all that we have to follow you.


God may your new world be born afresh in us,
May it take root and flourish in our lives,
So that we can grow more like Christ in every way,
And bear the fruit of justice, mercy and love.


Keep us close, we pray.
Be the one to whom we turn
when faced with fear,
and questioning.
Be the rock upon which we stand,
the truth we hold to,
to which we cling.
Be the Father in whose arms
we gladly fall,
in our journeying.
Keep us close, we pray.



Christ Have mercy - A prayer for Light for the Journey

Christ Have mercy – A prayer for Light for the Journey

May the blessing of light be on you,
light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine upon you and warm your heart.

May the light shine out of your eyes,
like a candle set in the window of a house,
bidding the wanderer to come in out of the storm.

May the blessing of the earth be upon you, the great round earth;
may you ever have a kindly greeting for people as you’re going along the roads.
And may the Lord bless you, and bless you kindly.

-Common Prayer For The World from

Open Our Eyes Lord

Open Our Eyes Lord

Prayers for the Journey

earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaven – photo by Coe Hutchison

This week’s round up of prayers is written from North Carolina where I am attending the Wild Goose Festival.

Teach us to pray O Lord,

Draw us closer to you, to your world , to each other.

Teach us to pray, O Lord,

With compassion and love and forgiveness.

Teach us to pray, O Lord,

Until all that we are and all that we do,

Becomes a gift of prayer to you.Teach us to pray O Lord,

Draw us closer to you, to your world , to each other.

Teach us to pray, O Lord,

With compassion and love and forgiveness.

Teach us to pray, O Lord,

Until all that we are and all that we do,

Becomes a gift of prayer to you.


The glory of God’s presence surrounds me

The wonder of Christ’s love holds me close

The comfort of the Spirit makes me strong

God you who are the three in one, the one in three

Be with me forever.


Lord God almighty,

You are a shield of love,

You are a rock of protection,

You are a God of unfailing love.

I trust in you with all my heart,

My future is in your hands.


Here is a beautiful prayer written my my friend Gerard Kelly for his twitter feed @twitturgies.

Rumours of your kingdom God rise around me. The soil itself stirs. The winds bring whispers of you. My heart too cries welcome


God protect and bless us,

From enemies seen and unseen.

Be like a pillar of fire before us,

Be like a cloud of glory around us,

Be like a rock of safety beneath us,

Keep us Lord in the shadow of you wings.


let us rejoice and sing,

For the wonder of God’s love.

For the joy of Christ’s salvation.

For the glory of the Spirit’s presence.

Let us give thanks and praise,

For we are surrounded by a shield of love.


Prayers for the Journey

Once again we are at the end of the week and I am bringing together the prayers that I have posted on facebook each day.

God you are the everlasting one and I long for you
Jesus you are the ever caring one and I reach out for your embrace
Spirit you are the ever faithful one and my heart aches for your love


Lord Jesus Christ may we sing for the wonder of your love

May we shout for the beauty of creation

May we exalt over your presence in all things

And never forget your faithfulness


God may we today be unwavering in our calling,

May we serve you with our whole hearts gladly,

And willingly shape our stories to your story.


May I today drink in the wonder of God

Awesome beauty in snow capped peaks

Tender love in whispered thoughts

Enduring faithfulness in growing trust


Lord Jesus Christ who notices all things,

Notice our affliction today.

Lord Jesus Christ for whom all are searching,

Show yourself to us today.

Lord Jesus Christ, you who are a servant to all,

Raise us up to serve others today.


God in powerlessness may we find your strength

God in our weariness may we be lifted on your wings

God in our faintness may we see your power revealed


Prayers for the Journey

Ready for communion - Celtic retreat 2011

Ready for communion - Celtic retreat 2011

Here is the weekly line up of prayers that I have published on Light for the Journey’s facebook page each day.  One prayer I expanded into a blog post.  I have included both versions here.  Also for those that have not seen them yet, here are links to the litanies that we used at the Celtic retreat last weekend

Celtic retreat #1

Celtic retreat #2


And last but not least a report on the retreat with links to the photos

Celtic Retreat 2011 

May we remember today that we are part of an unfolding story

That calls us to listen to God’s words with intent to action

May we live in the reality of God’s kingdom coming

And rejoice in the wonder of God’s eternal presence


The three in One guide you today, the One in three protect you

May your breath be filled with God’s love and mercy

Your path walk in Christ’s truth and justice

Your deeds practice the Spirit’s care and compassion


God may we lean into your promises

And be filled anew with the hope of your salvation

May we see your light shining in dark places

And hear your voice whispering in the stillness of the morning


May we lean into your promises O God

And find the hope that raised Jesus from the dead

May we see your light shining in the midst of darkness

And hear your voice whispering in the stillness of the night

May we dream again of your kingdom coming

And look with trust and humility for your will to be done

May we yearn for life in your kingdom of love


God may we dream again

Of your kingdom coming

And your will being done

May we yearn for life

In your kingdom of love


May all that we do deepen our awareness of God

May we see in every moment the spark of holiness

And recognize Christ in every encounter

May God’s word burst from the page and become life



Prayers for the Journey

The following prayers were have been posted on my facebook page for Light for the Journey this last week.  A number of people have told me that they find them helpful for meditation and I thought that many of you would enjoy them too.

God may I be awake today to your presence
No matter where I am or what I do
Make me aware of the gift of being alive
Open my eyes, my ears and my mind
To to be fully alert to you in this present moment


God of light and life and love,
God of compassion and joy and hope
God who was, who is and will always be
Love poured eternally
Shine through us this day in love and hope and joy


God of life shine forth
You who are the light our our universe
Give us eyes to see your plan unfolding
Give us ears to hear the ache of your heart
Give us courage to follow wherever you lead


God is my light, the one in whom all glory dwells
God will not allow chaos to overwhelm me or confusion to overtake me
God who dwells within and around me has filled my life with good things


God may I see the wonder of being a beloved and cherished child of God
You who knit me together in my mother’s womb
You who carried me when I was weak and comforted me when I was hurt
You who know all my longings and my desires
Nothing can separate me from your love


God today may I create with you
Words that give joy
Actions that express peace
Friendships that show love
May my life be filled with the fruit of your spirit


May we open our ears to listen so that we can hear God’s heartbeat
May we open our eyes to watch so that we can see God’s presence
May we open our minds to believe so that we can embrace God’s ways
May we open our hearts to trust so that we can share God’s salvation