Prayers for the Journey

Beautiful prayers this week on Light for the Journey. Thank you to Bonnie Harr and John Birch
Praying with daylilies

You have sown
fertile seed
into our hearts,
Good Gardener,
and we, willingly,
or by neglect
allowed weeds to grow
and spoil the beauty
of this small corner
of your garden.
Keep our hearts free
of that which hides
your love, we pray
and prune away
all that hinders,
that others might see
your beauty

Lord Jesus Christ may we never forget
the wonder of your love.
It is new every morning,
Embracing every moment,
Encompassing every person.
Your love never gives up.
It is always forgiving,
Always caring,
Always reaching out.
May we see and give thanks

Christine Sine

Lord Thank you for your grace

Lord may we rest in your presence,
Trusting in your love,
Embracing your purposes.
Lord may we follow your unconventional ways,
Hungering for justice,
Thirsting for righteousness,
Abounding with compassion.
lord may we live as neighbours,
helping the stranger,
restoring the marginalized,
Belonging to your community of love.

Christine Sine

You have clothed this world in beauty,
from morning mist dissolving into summer day
to the splendid isolation of a mountain peak;
from flowers of the field in all their radiant hues
to butterfly emerging from chrysalis, all speak
of the artist’s vision and creativity,
the loving brushstrokes with which you paint.
And if you should take such care with these,
who are we to doubt the value that you place
on those whose hearts contain the maker’s mark?
We shall not worry what tomorrow brings,
for even in sorrow you bring us joy
and we shall praise you for all good things!


God guide us,
Through the wonder of your love.
Through the gentleness of your compassion.
Through the righteousness of your justice.

Christine Sine

God help us to see as you see,
Beauty in the midst of brokenness,
Love in the midst of war,
Promises in the midst of despair.
God help us to hear as you hear,
Cries for help from those in need,
Calls for justice where there is oppression,
Voices of hope that bring us life.
God help us to think as you do,
To believe you can transform
All that is broken into wholeness.

Christine Sine

God send your spirit upon us,
Give us a great love for all,
Make us more compassionate to the sick,
More generous to the needy,
More zealous to follow you.
Give us strength and courage
To follow you in all we do,

Christine Sine

Scientists look at the world
I arise to day
Through God’s strength to pilot me :
God’s might to uphold me,
God’s wisdom to guide me,
God’s eye to look before me,
God’s ear to hear me,
God’s word to speak for me,
God’s hand to guard me,
God’s way to lie before me,
God’s shield to protect me,
God’s host to save me
From snares of devils.
From temptations of vices,
From every one who shall wish me ill,
Afar and anear.
Alone and in a multitude.

(from Selections from Ancient Irish Poetry, Meyer, Kuno, 1858-1919)

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Prayers for the Journey Through Lent

Tom and I are just back from our quarterly retreat and I just realized I have not posted a Lenten reflection for the day. So I hope you will all forgive me if I just posts the Lenten prayers that have been added to Light for the Journey over the last week. So many of them carry a sense of our pilgrimage towards the Cross that it seemed an appropriate addition to our Lenten reflections.

God forgive us

God we were blind but you open our eyes,
To see your glory revealed,
The wonder of your Son Jesus Christ
Who died and rose again to lead us into life.
God we were deaf but you unstopped our ears,
To hear the power of your resurrection story,
Renewal, transformation and redemption in Christ.
God we were dumb but you set free our tongues,
To rejoice and sing with all the hosts of heaven,
Holy, holy, holy is the one
Who transfigures the world with the spirit of life.


Lord Jesus Christ we worship you today.
You who are a king like no other,
We give you praise.
Born as a human child,
Raised as a refugee,
Friend of prostitutes and the marginalized.
Not seeking power and privilege,
but willing to walk the path of suffering,
To die the death of shame,
Upon a cross, crowned with thorns.
A servant king washing feet, embracing kids,
A loving God,
holding close when we stumble,
A caring and forgiving saviour,
Transforming, renewing, making all things whole,
We stand in awe of you
And give you thanks.


Let God sweep you up into the eternal embrace today,
Let the Son drench you with the presence of the Holy One,
Let the Spirit fill you with the life of the all loving One.
Be graced with the forgiveness of God,
Assured of the redemption of the risen Christ,
Trusting in the infilling of the Spirit.
Remember the gft of God’s Son and give thanks.


You do not give up on us
though we might wander far,
you do not give up on us
but love us as we are
you do not give up on us
but died that we might know
you do not give up on us
because you love us so.

Prayers for the Journey

I am a little late in posting this collection of prayers that have been posted on the Facebook page Light for the JourneyUnfortunately as we race towards the beginning of Advent there is so much I want to post that it is hard to do the juggling act. I hope that this does not detract from your enjoyment however.

God whose love never gives up

God whose love never gives up (c) Christine Sine

May we return to the breath and the silence.
To the breath that gives us life,
To the silence where we hear God’s whispers.
May we weep for the brokenness of our souls,
And cry out against our distractedness.
May we return to the eternal God,
Whose love fills every fibre of our being.

(Christine Sine)


This world tempts us
to believe the wisdom that comes
from human minds,
to have faith in no other thing.
But we have glimpsed the Truth
revealed in Scripture’s words,
and we shall worship the Lord our God
and serve him alone!
This world tempts us
to believe we have control

of our salvation
and have no need of the Divine.
But we have felt the touch
of Christ upon our hearts,
and we shall worship the Lord our God
and serve him alone!

(based upon Matthew 4:1-11)

Restore us O Lord - John Birch

Restore us O Lord – John Birch

Jesus, Son of God
have mercy on us,
forgive the weakness of our faith.
Jesus, Prince of Peace
have mercy on us,
forgive the anger we have caused.
Jesus, Good Shepherd
have mercy on us
forgive the selfish lives we lead
Jesus, Life and Truth

have mercy on us
and restore to us our first love.


Thank you for those who are good neighbours to us - John Birch

Thank you for those who are good neighbours to us – John Birch

Let us praise Jesus Christ our king and saviour,
May we be filled with the hope and promise of his coming,
And give our lives to follow him.
May we be gripped by his kingdom ways,
And walk with assurance and trust into his grace and peace.
(Christine Sine)
Lord be the Beginning and the end - Contemplative network

Lord be the Beginning and the end – Contemplative network

Lord, be the beginning and end of everything we do and say
Prompt our actions with your grace,
and complete them with your all-powerful help. Amen


God may we live into your shalom,
Let this be our journey and our destination,
Until the peace, and wholeness of your kingdom consume us.
Let it be our longing and our passion,
So that our hearts ache for justice,
And our souls long for righteousness.
Let its peace go before us and behind us,
Until it becomes the lifeblood of your world again.
(Christine Sine)
Today I give thanks - Christine Sine

Today I give thanks – (c) Christine Sine

God may we live in the eternal hope of resurrection,
May we believe that your light already shines in darkness,
May we trust that your resurrection already emerges in brokenness,
May we have faith that your life is already renewing and restoring all things through the person of Christ.
(Christine Sine)
Lord I have enough of everything - Bonnie Harr

Lord I have enough of everything – Bonnie Harr

Where would we be without your light?
Losing our way in darkness.
Where would we be without your peace?
Caught up in this world’s wisdom.
Where would we be without your love?
Looking for your warm embrace.
Where would we be without your word?
Searching this world for freedom.
Where would we be without your power?
Struggling in our weakness.

Where would we be without you, Lord?
Lost and in need of your grace.


Bonnie Harr - Flight with the Birds

Bonnie Harr – Flight with the Birds

Prayers for the Journey

Below is the compilation of prayers from the last week that I have posted on facebook.   Enjoy!

God may all creation sing of your glory

And the whole earth give you praise

May our minds turn to you in morning

And our hearts be filled with your love

May we sit in your presence and find life



The light of God break upon us

The life of Christ shine through us

The love of the Spirit flow through us

The three in One, the One in three go with us today


May we live with authenticity

And burn as lights set on a hill

May we walk the paths that Jesus walked

And call others to come and follow


May our hearts ache for justice

And our minds long for righteousness

May we surrender to the Spirit’s work

And be transformed into agents of change


God may we today see where you are active in our world

Seeking justice, bringing healing, working for peace

May our hearts ache with compassion and respond with love

May we accept your invitation and go out to join in what you are doing


May we remember today that we are part of an unfolding story

That calls us to listen to God’s words with intent to action

May we live in the reality of God’s kingdom coming

And rejoice in the wonder of God’s eternal presence


The three in One guide you today, the One in three protect you
May your breath be filled with God’s love and mercy
Your path walk in Christ’s truth and justice
Your deeds practice the Spirit’s care and compassion


God may we lean into your promises

And be filled anew with the hope of your salvation

May we see your light shining in dark places

And hear your voice whispering in the stillness of the morning


Tools for Prayer – Moving Beyond Chronic Randomness to Intentionality

Godspace: Time for Peace in the Rhythms of Life

Godspace: Time for Peace in the Rhythms of Life

When I wrote my book Godspace: Time for Peace in the Rhythms of Life, I talked about the need for all of us to move beyond chronic randomness to a more intentional pattern of prayer that draws us closer to God, to God’s purposes and the needs of our world.  This exercise resulted in the writing of Light for the Journey and though I have moved away from using this pattern over the last couple of years as I reread the section in Godspace this morning I realized how much I too need to refocus my daily time with God to in intentional ways that draw me closer to the God I love and the world I ache for.  So I thought that you too might appreciate this excerpt from Godspace

Since I recognized the power of regular restorative practices, I have worked hard to develop a pattern that connects my daily spiritual observances to the rhythm of my life. I wrote down the characteristics of my faith that needed reinforcing and divided them into seven themes—one for each day of the week. These now form focal points for my daily devotions. To sharpen my focus I purchased a loose-leaf notebook and divided it into seven sections—one for each day of the week. Each section begins with Scriptures that reflect my theme. To these I added ideas and quotes from my Bible and other spiritual books or from the Sunday sermon.

I read these verses and quotes first thing in the morning. They make good meditation points. Then as I read the newspaper I write down prayer points that connect to that day’s theme and use these as a focus for my prayer time. I devised questions that encourage me to incorporate this theme into my day’s activities.

Monday, I focus on God the Creator, creativity, and the call to be stewards of God’s creation. Sometimes I start the day by reflecting on how God is revealed in creation through the rhythm of the day and year or through the beauty and majesty of all created things. On occasion I meditate on God’s creativity expressed in the rich diversity and incredible complexity of life around me and contemplate the creativity I see in human endeavors such as fashion or architectural design. I use this as a launching point to think about my life and how God could use my creativity in the coming day. My questions for the day are either “In what ways am I called to steward God’s creation today?” or “How will my actions today glorify God’s creative work in the world?” I focus my prayers on those impacted by environmental disasters, on creation care ministries, and on those engaged in creative arts. As a result, I find myself praying for farmers and landscape gardeners, for fashion designers and environmentalists—people I was hardly aware of before.

Tuesday, I focus on Christ our Savior and what it means to bear his image into the world. I reflect on ways that I can model Christ to others and think about how those around me reveal Christ to me. I pray for those who seek to be an incarnation of Christ to people who live in poverty, despair, or oppression—particularly for situations I have read about in the newspaper during the week. I ask, “How can Christ-in-me show forth his love and compassion in my actions today?” and “In what ways do the faces of my family, friends, and those I pass in the street reflect the image of God?” Asking these questions has totally changed my attitude toward work and my community. Grocery shopping is no longer just to buy food; it is an opportunity to interact with people for whom God cares and Christ died.

Wednesday, I focus on the Holy Spirit and my need to be equipped as God’s servant. Sometimes I start the day by reading my mission statement—”To be a voice for those who have no voice and bring glimpses of God’s shalom kingdom into people’s lives.” I ask, “How can I live this out in my life today?” or “How do I need to be better equipped to be God’s voice for the voiceless?” Then I strategize about practical ways in which I can apply my ideas. I pray for places in which I can see the Holy Spirit at work, places where there are indications of renewal like the emerging postmodern church movement.

Thursday, I turn my focus toward community. I think about what it means to be part of God’s worldwide community and how that oneness can be expressed through hospitality and compassionate care to others. I reflect on God’s international community and pray for those who suffer from hunger, poverty, disease, or injustice. Sometimes I ask myself, “What do I plan to do today that will help build God’s community?” I also ask, “How will I help draw others into God’s community today?” Sometimes I focus on a far more difficult question: “In what ways do I discriminate against others who are part of God’s community?” I pray for those who suffer from AIDS and other devastating diseases, for those who are persecuted because of their faith, and for those who are discriminated against because of race, color, age, disabilities, or gender. This has made me very aware of the diversity of the human race. It has also opened my eyes to the rich variety of ways God reveals himself through different cultures.

Friday, not surprisingly, is my day to reflect on the cross of Christ and the wholeness God brings through restoration and reconciliation. Sometimes I pray about where I still need to be restored, or I ask God’s forgiveness for the obstacles that keep me from a whole-hearted commitment to Christ. I like to ask, “In what ways do I need to lay down my life today and intentionally embrace the life of Christ?” Sometimes I ask more difficult questions: “Are there areas of sin that I need to confess or people I need to be reconciled to?” I pray for countries torn apart by conflict and war and for those I know who work in ministries of reconciliation and peacemaking.

Saturday, I reflect on God’s kingdom and the “cloud of witnesses” who have gone before me. I love to read stories about followers of Christ who dared to be different and lived as citizens of God’s kingdom. I gain confidence as I connect my own sense of purpose to the wonderful examples of Christians who have lived valiantly over the last two thousand years. My questions revolve around my call to be a witness. I ask, “How can I live today as a testimony to God?” I pray for missionaries and mission organizations I am involved in that reflect glimpses of God’s shalom kingdom.

Sunday is a day to celebrate the resurrection and the new life we receive through salvation. I rejoice in being a new creation in Christ and focus on the wonder of that new life. My questions are “What am I most grateful for this week?” and “What have I accomplished this week that reflects my new life in Christ and bears the seal of God’s approval?”

This exercise has greatly enriched my spiritual life and intentionally enabled me to integrate my daily routines with my Christian faith. I am amazed at the joy this has brought me. For example, focusing on God’s creativity made me realize that I too could be creative. I started writing poetry, something that would never have occurred to me before. I wrote the following poem one morning while reflecting on God’s beauty as revealed in the rising sun.

I awake this day to the joy of life

A sudden sunrise, a royal pageant,

Red and gold splashed across the sky

Like the daybreak of your light

It penetrates the darkest gloom

God-in-me vibrant colors shining through.

Sometimes black clouds obscure your brightness

Roaring thunder, jagged lightning

Clinging sin lances through my soul

It waits for the deluge of your grace

The cleansing rain that purifies my life

Forgiving love, embracing care

God-in-me muted colors waiting patiently.

I have also tried to connect these themes to my other daily activities. I love to walk, and I constantly look for creative ways to use my spiritual themes in my daily walks. Monday, I focus on my enjoyment of God’s creation. There is a lake five minutes from our home with a three-mile walking track around it where I love to go to soak in the beauty of God’s creation. Sometimes Tom and I walk around our neighborhood admiring the gardens. We are reminded that the first responsibility God entrusted to humans was to steward creation and make it flourish. Our walks encourage us to pray for all who are involved in creation care. Tuesday as I walk I think about how the face of Christ is reflected in the countenances of people I pass. Wednesday, I like to walk the neighborhood, asking God’s Spirit to open my eyes so that I can discern the needs and dreams of my community.