Ash Wednesday Labyrinth Walk

Here is a beautiful prayer from Bonnie Harr designed to be used in walking the labyrinth at this season.

Ash Wednesday Labyrinth walk




Another Prayer for Ash Wednesday

I already feel that I have entered into the spirit of Lent.  It is a painful season, especially as I remember the death of those I knew in Christchurch.  Here is another prayer to begin the season.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

All that is not of God must die

All that is crushed will be restored

All that is lost will be made new

God may we repent of ways that do not serve you

And admit to the tensions that tell us where we need to change

Christ is coming walking towards the cross

God may we see him clearly

Pouring out love

Pouring out mercy

Pouring out peace

May we kneel before him in humble adoration

May we take up our  cross and follow

And walk with Christ into the ways of life

Ash Wednesday Prayer 2011

This year I was not sure if I would be able to write a prayer for Ash Wednesday.  With the MSA website attacked by a virus that precipitated us launching a new website earlier than expected, plus the garden seminar at the Mustard Seed House tomorrow and Tom heading to San Diego for an important meeting, I have been much busier than anticipated leading up to this season.  And writing prayers like this is always something that I find takes time for reflection and writing.

However this morning I realized that this is a task too important to let pass by or in Ann Voskamp’s words too urgent to live fast.  So I wrote this prayer for Ash Wednesday but plan to use it over the next week to help me focus on the season of Lent.  So let us pray

God may we remember

All of life is held together with nails

Piercing flesh of the son of man

May we remember and give thanks

God may we remember

The power of sin and death are forever ended

Hung upon a cross and crucified

May we remember and give thanks

God may we remember

The bread of life broken for us

That we may eat and filled with abundance of life

May we remember and give thanks

God may we remember

God’s blood poured out for us

The deep wounds of love suffered for us

May we remember and give thanks

God may we remember ashes on foreheads

And kneel before the one whose love knows no end

With humbled hearts and repentant spirits

May we remember and give thanks

God may we remember we are but dust

And walk together into tomorrow’s unkowns

Breaking bars, building bridges, setting captives free

May we remember and give thanks

God may we remember and give thanks

Let us take up our cross and follow

Believing that in Christ all things work together for good

May we remember and give thanks

Preparing for Lent

It’s time to get ready for Lent.  Yesterday I wrote this prayer which I plan to use regularly over the next few weeks as preparation for myself.

Walk forward without fear into the ways of God

Cling to your faith, rejoice in God’s unfailing love

Carry your own load, share one another’s burdens

Christ has become our Saviour

He gave his life to bring us feedom

He has lifted us and carried us through the years

His love and mercy redeem us

Follow Christ, and walk where victory is won

Move forward on the road that leads to the Cross.

I am planning another Lenten synchroblog for this year and will post the details later this week.  Also I am working hard to add to my resource list so if you know of resources that you feel should be included let me know.  Ash Wednesday which this year is on March 9th marks the beginning of Lent, a season that we tend to think about as a time to give up – usually trivial things like chocolate, TV or coffee.  However if you want to take Lent more seriously this year you may like to check out some of these resources from past years.

Here is a prayer that I wrote last year for Ash Wednesday

This post: Lent – Educating us into Freedom is a reminder of the more challenging aspects of Lent

This post: Thinking about Lent – Suggested resources provides links to both MSA resources and those of a number of other organizations.  It includes information on our popular Lenten guide A Journey Into Wholeness.

And for more reflection here is the Lenten video that I produced a couple of years ago.  A high resolution version suitable for use in churches and with larger groups can be purchased and downloaded from Mustard Seed Resources. This Lenten reflection acknowledges the brokenness of our lives and in our world and encourages us to find repentance through Christ.

Ash Wednesday Prayer

Here is a prayer that I wrote for Ash Wednesday this year.  It can in fact be used throughout Lent as a centering prayer for a Lenten discipline.  I had planned to make it into a meditation video but have not had time.  Maybe later in Lent.

We have chosen to fast

Not with ashes but with actions

Not with sackcloth but in sharing

Not in thoughts but in deeds

We will give up our abundance

To share our food with the hungry

We will give up our comfort

To provide homes for the destitute

We will give up our fashions

To see the naked clothed

We will share where others hoard

We will free where others oppress

We will heal where others harm

Then God’s light will break out on us

God’s healing will quickly appear

God will guide us always

God’s righteousness will go before us

We will find our joy in the Lord

We will be like a well watered garden

We will be called repairers of broken walls

Together we will feast at God’s banquet table