A Prayer for America on Independence Day

A time to pray

God bless America and all the nations of the earth.

Bless us with freedom,

That none may be oppressed on unjustly treated.

Bless us with prosperity,

That all peoples might share abundantly from the produce of the earth.

God bless us with responsibility,

That we might properly steward your good creation.

Bless us with generosity,

That the barriers between the haves and the have nots may be broken down.

Bless us with caring,

That we might reach out with love and compassion to neighbours everywhere.

Bless us with faith,

That we might believe you are creating a new heaven and a new earth,

Where you will once more dwell in our midst,

Wiping away our tears, overcoming death and sorrow and pain.

Bless us with the eternal life of your kingdom,

Where together with all the peoples of the earth,

We will dwell together in peace and harmony and love.


4 Responses

  1. amen!

  2. Excellent! 🙂

  3. […] Each week, as many of you know I blog the prayers that have been contributed to the Light for the Journey Facebook page. If you have not already seen it, you may also like to check out the special prayer posted for July 4th – A Prayer for America on Independence Day.  […]

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