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  1. I love the sentences from your prayer: Let us walk the Way of The Cross together; moving forward without fear; into God’s eternal purposes.” And I would add “for Christ Himself is with us, every step of the way.” These words should be and are the foundation of our very beings. Love to U and all, Stephan

    • Sorry, the editor in me must point out that the third-to-the-last line should be “Let us” rather than “Let we”. Thanks for the poem.

      • Thanks Susan – as you can tell I am never perfect. I think I started with May we and changed it to Let which is more active but forgot to change the “we”

    • Stephan – that is a great idea. It looks as though I will need to revise the prayer

      • Oh thank U. I am glad to make this small contribution. But please know that your original words were the inspiration that caused my addition to simply spring into being. All I did was put the words in my email to U that came to me unbidden, Perhaps I might say. The Spirit moved immediately me to do it… if I may express it that way. Love to U and to all, Stephan.

  2. Stephan don’t be apologetic. I think that collaborative creativity is the best kind.

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