Prayers for those Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

A prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy

A prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy by Bonnie Harr

Hurricane Sandy is lashing the East Coast of the U.S. Widespread flooding is expected. Power outages could be extensive and the devastation to peoples’ lives will last for months.

As I watch the relentless march of this massive storm, I feel powerless. I am sitting comfortably, half a world away in Australia and it would be easy for me to ignore the problem.

All I can do is pray for those in its path and I thought that you might like to join me in these prayers The prayer above was written by Bonnie Harr for her Facebook page In His Footsteps. Here is my prayer for this day. Perhaps you would like to add your prayers to the comment section below.

Lord you are always with us,

In the quiet and the storm you surround us,

Your love stays closer than a friend.

In this time of storm be with all who are vulnerable.

Hold them close as the winds blow and the oceans rage.

Place your arms around them as the trees fall and the rivers rise.

Keep them safe from wind and rain and fly debris.

Guide those that respond,

Be with rescuers and firemen,

With electric workers and emergency crews,

With all who reach out to neighbours with your love and compassion.

Comfort and protect them in the midst of danger and of strife.

May all find shelter in the embrace of your wings.



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