Lent 2012 – What Do We Hunger & Thirst For – the Series So Far

A collection of posts from our current series. More to come from various guest writers/bloggers across the country during the remainder of the Lenten season. Stay tuned.

Justice: What Loves Look Like in Public – by Kathy Escobar

Where are We Following Jesus To?

Imagining the Lectionary: Wild and unrelenting – By Dave Perry

Walk On – U2′s Lenten Anthem

What Do We Hunger and Thirst For? – By Sean Gladding

A Lenten Reflection – By Steve Kimes

Christian Discipleship: Lent Is A Time To Receive – By Theresa Froehlich

Locked In, But Not Locked Out — By Joy Wilson

What Do We Hunger & Thirst For? By Sue Duby

A Lifestyle of Enough by Eugene Cho

Hungering and Thirsting for God by Steve Wickham

Ash Wednesday – Mourning the Death Sin Has Caused in Our Lives


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