November synchroblog – Call Us Out of Numbness

Each month I try to take part in a synchroblog coordinated by Liz Dyer, Kathy Escobar and Sonja Andrews. This month’s synchroblog is early because we are planning to run the next one to kick off the yearly series I host for Advent and Christmas reflections. I loved the topic for the month “Call us out of numbness”.

Richard Rohr says “the role of the prophets is to call us out of numbness.” Since the beginning of time, prophetic voices both in and outside of scripture have been calling us to consider change of some sort. Sometimes it is spiritual change, other times it may be economic, political, or systemic change. Regardless of the emphasis, prophets challenge us to consider a better future. Right now there’s a strong sense of change brewing in the church, the world; people are rising up and calling individuals, communities, nations, and everything in between out of numbness and toward justice, mercy, equality, and love.

This month’s Synchroblog is centered on where are you being challenged by some kind of prophetic voice.

What is it stirring up in you?

What is God challenging you to consider?

How does it intersect with your faith & practical experience?

Here are the links so far for november’s synchroblog–calling us out of numbness.


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