Does Social Media Shape Our Lives More Than God Does?

I just found this video – latest in the series on Social Media Revolution thanks to Rev Gene .  Yes that’s right I used social media to find it!!! and it made me wonder how much of our lives now is shaped by social media that pulls away from God rather than towards God.  Now I use social media as much as anyone – start my day with looking at facebook and twitter.  post prayers & blog daily but I still wonder sometimes is this really helping me and others draw closer to God and to the purposes of God for my life?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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  1. This has been in the forefront of my mind – good timing. I am ambivalent as I watch the video, and struck by the realization that as with so much in life, social media can be used for good and for evil. Some research indicates that people who interact on FB have stronger relationships – absolutely a positive, e.g., “Facebook users are more trusting, have more close friends and get more social support than their non-networked counterparts.” Yes – I get this. I spend much time cultivating relationship with people needing human connection and hope, and have learned that while there are some who ‘converse’ with me, there are many others who read and find encouragement but don’t comment. My focus is on the ‘spiritual, yet not religious’ who desire spiritual engagement but may never head to a local church. (But, as the video highlights, FB is also a contributor in divorces.)

    What is perhaps most astonishing to me, is the seemingly warp speed with which the social media revolution has come into the mainstream of life. As one who leads a faith-based non-profit of extending compassion to pregnant and parenting families in crisis, I find it necessary (and time consuming!) to stay abreast of current social media paths so that we’re not eclipsed by the ever-changing tech world. The learning curve is tremendous! I spend much time researching and exploring resources, new ways of considering how we engage and then implementing the findings…only to find it necessary to reconsider and reshape frequently! A metaphor I read somewhere comes to mind: our efforts often follow the flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants action plan: no one feels like they’re flying the plane; rather, they feel more like they’re building it mid-air! So true.

    Ultimately, for me, my interactions on FB, etc., provide me with the ability to draw closer to understanding the heart of God for the places I’m to nurture and dwell.

    • Donna,
      good thoughts. FB can both engage & disengage. We still have choices in the ways that we use it and other social media implements and continual research & I think reflection (contemplation) is necessary so that we are using it to draw people closer to God rather than further away

  2. Actually, your question should be “do,” not “does,” since media is plural of medium. But it’s a great question. Maybe another question would be: is our use of social media a form of praying? It can be. During Lent, I prayed for everyone who commented on my Facebook status. It was a rich experience, as I prayed for so many people and was able to do so knowing what was going on in their lives at the time.

    • Thanks Pete for the reminder. There are indeed many forms of social media. I love this idea of praying for everyone who commented on your facebook status. Such mindfulness in our use of social media is important. Taking the time to see beyond the words on the screen to the person is an important way to interact with a medium that could otherwise become soulless

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  4. It is not when, but how and to what extent social media shapes one’s life. Could it be combined? Like using social media accordance with one’s faith.

    I call that “twittering with the cardinal virtues” or “digital works of mercy” and “slowchatting with Godspeed”. Those are not word games, but can be functioning as a basis attitude as you believe that you can see God in someone else’s eyes (or tweets). In that way we can communicate and shape social media, without normative positions, in a “good” way.

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