Immersed in the Love of God

last supper from

This is a very busy season for me and one in which I constantly struggle with how to maintain the balance between all my obligations and the spiritual practices that renew and refresh me.  This morning as I sat looking out at Seattle’s cold drippy day I must confess that I was feeling a little depressed.  I so wish the weather would warm up.  I function best in the 80 – 90 F range and this cold spring (one of the coldest on record) is not appealing to me at all.

However my quiet contemplation of God changed all of that.  Suddenly I felt myself immersed in the presence of God, my spirit lifted and immediately I felt I had the energy to get through the day.

How easily I could have forgone those minutes in God’s presence.  When I am busy it is easy to let go of the very things that give me life.  Praise God, the eternal and loving One who never lets go of me.  My meditation inspired this prayer which has stayed with me throughout the morning.

God may I sit in the place where you draw close,
May I find comfort in the tenderness of your embrace,
And rest content in the wonder of your love,
May I find peace in the certainty of your presence,
And never let go of the eternal and loving One who never lets go of me.

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