Last market for Typewriters – Prisons

The Indian press reported this week that the inventory of typewriters at a company called Godrej & Boyce is down to 500 units.

“We stopped production in 2009,” said the company’s general manager, “and we’re the last company in the world to manufacture office typewriters.”

Not so fast, says New Jersey-based Swintec.

“We have manufacturers making typewriters for us in China, Japan, Indonesia,” the firm’s sales manager Ed Michael tells Minyanville.

Apparently, Swintec has found a growth market.

“We have contracts,” Mr. Michael says, “with correctional facilities in 43 states to supply clear typewriters for inmates so they can’t hide contraband inside them.”

Popular with guys who wear orange jumpsuits…

Hey, a market is a market…right? Even if your business model depends on your government continuing to imprison its own population at a rate greater than any other in the world.

Work it and hang onto those old typewriters – they may become collectors items.

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