A Good Friday Prayer for 2011

This is the first of several prayers I plan to write as we move towards the events of Easter.  Hopefully they should provide a series of meditations to see those who are interested through the Easter season.

Aboriginal crucifixion

Jesus you took bread and broke it,

You shared it with your friends.

As you were broken to feed us with the bread of life.

Jesus you took wine and poured it out,

Grapes crushed and drained of life.

As you were crushed and drained of your life blood.

Jesus you prayed fervently in agony of spirit,

That God’s cup of suffering might pass away.

Your sweat fell like drops of blood yet you endured the pain.

You hung upon a tree and were crucified for us,

But looked in compassion on your murderers.

Look too in compassion on we who caused your suffering and your death.

Jesus you died for us and fell as a seed into the ground,

Knowing that your death would produce a plentiful harvest of new life.

May we too be willing to die to ourselves that others may find true and eternal life. 


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  3. Reblogged this on Godspace and commented:

    This is a revised version of my 2011 prayer – one of my favourites to meditate on at this season of the year.

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