A Season for Grief and Sorrow

My prayer this morning is dedicated to Tim Herzog, who died in a Hong Kong hospital this morning.

A couple of days ago Tim who is the 10 year old nephew of MSA staff member Andy Wade fell from a parking building in Hong Kong where he was playing.  This morning surrounded by his family they cut off his life support.  As you can imagine this is a devastating time for the family and we would all appreciate your prayers.

Please pray for Susan, Andy’s wife who has flown to Hong Kong to be with the family, for Tim’s parents Rick and Stephanie, Tim’s brother, Dan, and his sisters, Lydia and Naomi as well as the rest of the family.

Eternal God who sweeps aside our doubts

And reveals in all our hearts the mystery of faith

May your life bubble up within us,

Living water, love drenched, unquenchable

May it flow straight from your heart O God

From you who are the source of all being

The one who holds the children in your hands

May your love comfort and surround those who mourn and grieve

With the promise of the resurrection

Bringing refreshment to all our souls and renewal to our spirits


3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much, Christine. Our hearts are broken – but God’s healing touch is beyond limits!

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