Earthquake in Japan – How Do We Pray?

The earthquake and tsunami in japan has left many of us reeling, particularly as it came so soon after the earthquake in Christchurch. We are overwhelmed by the devastation and the helplessness we all feel to respond. So how do we pray for those who are suffering and for those who have died. it is not easy and anything that we can say seems inadequate. Here is what came to my mind this afternoon as I was praying for the people of Japan and remembered again those in Christchurch and Libya, Yemen, Ivory Coast and the other many other places of unrest in our world

Lord our world has been shaken by earthquakes and wars

Lord our lives have been deluged by floods and tsunamis

Our hearts are aching and we are overwhelmed

Lord have mercy

God when we do not know how to pray speak for us

Speak for those in the midst of despair and disaster

Speak for those who are afraid of what tomorrow may hold

Christ have mercy

God whose love never lets go, be with all who have died or suffered loss

God whose compassion never ceases comfort all who feel abandoned and alone

God who stands firm as a rock provide security for all whose world has fallen apart

Christ have mercy

Lord hear our cry for mercy when we call to you for help

Lord may we be strong and and not give up

May we reach out in love and compassion, finding hope in your abiding presence

Lord have mercy


20 Responses

  1. Please pray, japan needs us, imagine 1000s of people either dead, injured, HOMELESS . they NEED help. please pray.. God will help.
    Thank you ❤

    • Let us all remember that at the final judgment Jesus is going to speak to us about what we did for the poor, did we clothe, feed and lift their burdens (Matt. 25).

      There are numerous Scriptures that direct us, to respond to the cry of the poor and needy. (I Sam. 2:8, Ps. 146:7, Prv. 19,:17, 21:13, 24:21, 31:20, Is. 58:6-7,Matt 25:35, etc.)

      Today before us tens of thousands of people are in need of the very things that Jesus is talking to us about in these and many other Scriptures?. Will our prayers lead us to respond as Jesus commands?

      May our prayers move us to give to organizations who are there, on the ground helping. A few would suggestions would be World Hope, Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, Red Cross, World Relief, or your own church denomination’s emergency response team. Check your denomination’s website. Will we allow the money that God has entrusted us with to be given to the poor and needy in Japan?

      Let us remember, we are the body of Christ on the earth today. Japan is a country that has been least open to the Gospel. This is an important opportunity to show a nation of people the love and generosity of our Lord.

  2. God is not having any mercy…I am sorry to say…why are the beautiful people of Japan suffering these horrible nightmare? My Heart and my prayers go out to them.

    • Luz, I think I understand what you mean. I have found that God’s mercy will always manifest itself at his appointed time. I don’t always like his timing, but I have learned to talk like Job in Job Chapter 42:1-6, though often reluctantly.

  3. Christine, Thank you for this beautiful prayer. Two of my friends are former missionaries to Japan and have dear friends in the hardest hit area. We don’t always understand why and when disasters take place. We live in a fallen world where suffering does happen. I’ll continue to pray.

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  5. Theresa, I was wondering if you knew people there. We are with others here in Indiana who have missionary friends in the area too. I too will be praying for you and your friends

  6. Sorry Theresa I misunderstood

  7. Dear Christine, Thank you for these words which truly express what so many feel.

  8. rhonda – you are welcome. I know that you worked in Japan. Did you have friends affected by the quake?

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  10. Thanks for this – I’m running a meditative service this Sunday on all of the disasters which have hit this region – Earthquakes in Japan and NZ, Floods and bushfires in Australia – all in the first few months of this year – It’s a hard task to fathom..

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