Preparing for Lent

It’s time to get ready for Lent.  Yesterday I wrote this prayer which I plan to use regularly over the next few weeks as preparation for myself.

Walk forward without fear into the ways of God

Cling to your faith, rejoice in God’s unfailing love

Carry your own load, share one another’s burdens

Christ has become our Saviour

He gave his life to bring us feedom

He has lifted us and carried us through the years

His love and mercy redeem us

Follow Christ, and walk where victory is won

Move forward on the road that leads to the Cross.

I am planning another Lenten synchroblog for this year and will post the details later this week.  Also I am working hard to add to my resource list so if you know of resources that you feel should be included let me know.  Ash Wednesday which this year is on March 9th marks the beginning of Lent, a season that we tend to think about as a time to give up – usually trivial things like chocolate, TV or coffee.  However if you want to take Lent more seriously this year you may like to check out some of these resources from past years.

Here is a prayer that I wrote last year for Ash Wednesday

This post: Lent – Educating us into Freedom is a reminder of the more challenging aspects of Lent

This post: Thinking about Lent – Suggested resources provides links to both MSA resources and those of a number of other organizations.  It includes information on our popular Lenten guide A Journey Into Wholeness.

And for more reflection here is the Lenten video that I produced a couple of years ago.  A high resolution version suitable for use in churches and with larger groups can be purchased and downloaded from Mustard Seed Resources. This Lenten reflection acknowledges the brokenness of our lives and in our world and encourages us to find repentance through Christ.

8 Responses

  1. Morning Christine, Phil Cunningham here. I wonder if you would be interested in using the Steps Of Justice 30 day prayer guide for your Lent resource list?

    We will be blogging through it each day.


  2. I love your website and the idea of truly connecting my everyday life with my life with God. Last year I did a solo gallery showing called “Lent: Reflections in Black and White” and the process of preparing for it was truly moving to me personally. You can read a bit about it in my blog here

  3. In the land downunder there is a lenten resource called Lent Event. check out all the details via and in our blog


  4. […] This is how Christine Sine approaches the season of Lent. “The second freedom we should work towards during Lent is the freedom of liberation from slavery – not just for ourselves but for all humankind. For millions of workers, long Sunday hours for rest and worship may be impossible within the current system.  People who know the Sabbath pattern of creation, liberation and resurrection nurture a dissatisfaction with this system and work for change. Part of the purpose of Lent is to become dissatisfied with our own bondage and the bondage of others.  It is about looking for ways to bring freedom and liberation not just for ourselves but for all who live in the bondage of poverty, imprisonment, servitude or injustice.” For more on Lent by Christine check out her blog. […]

  5. […] Preparing for Lent ( […]

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