A Week of Prayers

I have decided that each Friday I will try to post the prayers I write each morning.  They flow out of my own meditations and often reflect my own struggles and challenges.  The writing of these prayers as become an increasingly important part of my life.  These appear each day on the Light for the Journey facebook page. and I know that many of you find these helpful.

God is the refuge of my soul
God is the strength of my heart
God is the shelter of my life
How good to be close,  Nothing can separate us from God’s love


May you live today as Christ did

in the midst of our broken and wounded world
May he open your blind eyes to his presence in suffering people
May he increase your awareness of your neighbour’s pain
And draw you into the human struggles of the day


Stop and listen, let go the rush and noise
Let all that you are wait quietly before God
Take time to hear the call to holiness
Let all that is within you rest and find God

(This is part of this longer prayer )


May we become God intoxicated, Son drenched followers
May we be aware of God’s heart, inspired by God’s love
May we live more fully in God’s world and respond to its cries
May we practice God’s presence wherever we go.


God draw us into your community
Where God is known, Christ takes shape
And the Spirit burns with transforming power


Come close to the God who loves you without measure
Open your eyes to see the One who sustains all life
Open your ears to hear the One who calls your name
Open your life to the One who fills all our deepest longings


God may we entrust our lives to you this day
And live with Christ and the centre
God may we turn from our self centred ways
And give ourselves in love for you and for our neighbours


The peace of the Creator of joy be yours
The peace of the Christ of hope be yours
The peace of the Spirit of grace be yours
The peace of of all peace be yours this day and forevermore


God may your kingdom come in us, around us, through us
God may your glory shine in us, around us, through us
God may your will be done in us around us through us
May we follow where you lead, go where you send,
and show your good news in all that we do

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