Prayers for the Journey

The following prayers were have been posted on my facebook page for Light for the Journey this last week.  A number of people have told me that they find them helpful for meditation and I thought that many of you would enjoy them too.

God may I be awake today to your presence
No matter where I am or what I do
Make me aware of the gift of being alive
Open my eyes, my ears and my mind
To to be fully alert to you in this present moment


God of light and life and love,
God of compassion and joy and hope
God who was, who is and will always be
Love poured eternally
Shine through us this day in love and hope and joy


God of life shine forth
You who are the light our our universe
Give us eyes to see your plan unfolding
Give us ears to hear the ache of your heart
Give us courage to follow wherever you lead


God is my light, the one in whom all glory dwells
God will not allow chaos to overwhelm me or confusion to overtake me
God who dwells within and around me has filled my life with good things


God may I see the wonder of being a beloved and cherished child of God
You who knit me together in my mother’s womb
You who carried me when I was weak and comforted me when I was hurt
You who know all my longings and my desires
Nothing can separate me from your love


God today may I create with you
Words that give joy
Actions that express peace
Friendships that show love
May my life be filled with the fruit of your spirit


May we open our ears to listen so that we can hear God’s heartbeat
May we open our eyes to watch so that we can see God’s presence
May we open our minds to believe so that we can embrace God’s ways
May we open our hearts to trust so that we can share God’s salvation


5 Responses

  1. Thank you for very fitting prayer for today.

  2. Christine, would you allow me to use one or more your beautiful prayers in the monthly newsletter I prepare for the Community Presbyterian Church (32 members) in Cathedral City, CA. I’m their interim Church Lady in the Office while I sojourn here as a “snowbird.” I would, of course, credit you. (It’s a joy to serve this small church with a big heart, and I’m so thankful to be able to part of their life this year.)

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