Family Caught in the Floods


I have just heard that my 86 year old aunt is having to relocate to higher ground because of the floods.  She has lived in a house on the Brisbane river for the last 60 years and now its survival is in jeopardy.  Of course her situation is nothing compared to that endured by those who have already lost home and family but it is challenging none the less.  Fortunately her daughter and son in law are able to help her to safety and they are all able to take refuge in an apartment that my mother owns that is high above the flood level.

45,000 people in Brisbane have had to relocate and an estimated 20,000 homes will be flooded in the next 24 hours in the worst floods in a century.  Dams are at bursting point and the Port of Brisbane is closed.  read the story here

Prayers appreciated for all those who are affected.




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  1. oh my goodness.
    big flood.hope jesus protect people there

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