Jesus Is Close How Do We Draw Near – Posts for First Week of Advent

The first week of Advent is drawing to a close and the blog series Jesus is Close How Do We Draw Near, is well underway.  There have been some great posts contributed and next week should be just as good.  I hope that you will join us and also let your friends know about these reflections

Posts from the First Week of Advent

Sunday: William Kurelek Nativity

Monday: Stan Thornburg – Advent in the Manner of Friends

Monday: Live in Expectation – Tara Malouf

Tuesday: Steve Wickham – Approaching Vanishing Point of Drawing Near

Wednesday: Advent by Phil Cunningham

Thursday: Dave Bayne – Attentive to God’s nearness

Thursday: Jeff Borden – Preparing for Jesus through Remembering, Longing and Preparing

Friday: Kathy Escobar – Making Room for the Unexpected

Friday: Melanie Clark Pullen – Jesus Is Near How Do We Draw Close

Saturday: The End of the First Week of Advent and I Need to Draw Close – Christine Sine




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  1. […] originally wrote this post for christine sine’s advent blog series that she is hosting this season. it was a reflection from the series that we are doing for advent […]

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