Why I Take Communion

Every month Patheos website hosts a blog series in which participants respond to a specific question.  This month’s question was: Why Do You Take Communion?  I don’t always have time to participate but love to read the responses.  This month, because communion is so important to me I knew I had to make time for it.  Here is the post from Patheos with links to all the responses.

Bread and wine. Ordinary elements that take on extraordinary meaning in the Christian sacrament of Communion. Depending on your tradition, the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Christ, or more symbolically express our deep connectedness to the person and ministry of Jesus. In every case, this central act of our faith is one that holds great mystery, again and again. On the occasion of World Communion Sunday, celebrated in many churches the first weekend in October, we decided to invite some of our favorite bloggers to reflect on what communion means to them. Specifically, we asked them to consider: “Why I Take Communion” . . . and as usual, we asked them to do it 100 words or less. Their responses follow.

Our responders:
Danielle Shroyer, author and Pastor of Journey Church in Dallas, TX
Crystal Lewis, author and student at Wesley Theological Seminary
Bruce Reyes-Chow, Pastor of Mission Bay Community Church and former PC(USA) Moderator
Monica Coleman, Associate Professor of Constructive Theology and African American Religions at Claremont School of Theology
Steve Thorngate, Assistant Editor at The Christian Century Magazine
Amy Julia Becker, author and student at Princeton Theological Seminary
Carl Gregg, Pastor of Broadview Church in Calvert County, MD
Christine Sine, co-founder and Executive Director of Mustard Seed Associates
Bruce Epperly, Professor of Practical Theology at Lancaster Theological Seminaryand co-pastor of Disciples United Community Church in Lancaster, PA

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