From the Kitchen to the Catwalk – Is Eating What You Wear the Fashion of the Future?

This morning I came across this fascinating/grotesque/thought provoking slide show in Grist magazine.  A love quirky and creative ideas and this certainly fits that description.  Enjoy!

See the entire slide show here

So what do you think – are edible clothes the wave of the future or should we focus on materials that are compostible, and/or recyclable?  After all rats on the back porch are one thing – but rats in the wardrobe would at least from my perspective be totally unacceptable

2 Responses

  1. If edible clothes are the way of the future, I think a lot of us would opt for chocolate…And then a lot of us would be naked.

  2. Now that’s an interesting thought – back to the garden of eden and of course we could only use fair traded chocolate.

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