Blog with Me – An Invitation to Participate

Over the next few months I will be hosting two very important blog series.  On this blog the series The Kingdom is Here Where do You See it, will begin next week.  I already have 15 – 20 people signed up and am excited at the wonderful seeds of hope that will be shared.  God is at work, God is moving in our world transforming renewing and restoring and we want everyone to know how and where we see that happening.  There is still time to participate.  What seeds of hope do you see as you look out onto God’s world – it may be through the work of small seemingly insignificant ministries that are quietly changing your neighbourhood.  Or it might be through movements that highlight concerns about child slavery, environmental degradation or poverty.

This week I am reading Tim Morey’s new book Embodying our Faith, in which he reminds us that people today don’t just want to hear about the good news of God they want to see the ways in which it is being lived out authentically in our world today.  So here is your chance to share what you are aware of that bears the fingerprints of God

As well as that, on the Mustard Seed blog I am hosting a series entitled Sustaining Small Not For Profits – How Do We Move Forward? At our Mustard Seed Team retreat a couple of weeks ago we spent a lot of time talking about how to sustain small ministries like ours.  Every week I hear from people who run small ministries that are struggling with these same issues of sustainability.  Some have gone bankrupt because of their financial struggles.  Others have burnt out because they are trying to juggle full time jobs and ministry.  Yet it is my strong conviction that most of the work of God is done through these very same mustard seed ministries.  God always delights in working through the small and the insignificant.  So how do we help each other not just survive but blossom into the vibrant sustainable examples of God’s kingdom we are meant to be?

Again this is your opportunity to participate.  Read the details here and comment on the blog post if you are interested or email us at  We are called to announce and build God’s kingdom – not alone in isolation but together as a community that in its unity and mutual concern radiates the presence of God.

5 Responses

  1. What a great idea you have. 🙂

    Luke 6:38
    Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”
    Let those words sink in and surf on over to Well you’re there please click on a link or two. It costs you nothing and by doing so you’ll be helping a fellow brother so he can continue helping others.
    Please spread the word to other brothers and sisters and be blessed.

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