A Path To Publishing – One Man’s Journey

When I was in New Haven CT a couple of weeks ago I had the delight of meeting Ed Cyzewski author of Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life. Ed is also a freelance writer and blogger.  We had a great time together – sharing stories about the joys and struggles of writing and publishing books.   I love encounters like this.  Internet friendships can be fun but there is nothing like that face to face encounter to really get to know a person.

Ed gave me a copy of his latest book A Path to Publishing: What I Learned by Publishing a Nonfiction Book. This week I finally got around to reading it and was enthralled.  This is a great book not just for those that are embarking on their first publishing venture but also for those of us that are established authors.  All of us face the challenges of a publishing field that is rapidly changing as ebooks take over hard copies and self publishing competes with recognized houses for a place in the market.

Hundreds of thousands of new books are written every year and all of us want to make sure that our books (and hopefully those of our friends) get the recognition they deserve.  Ed gives great practical advice on how to enter today’s publishing world.  He is very honest about his own mistakes and failures but also shares his successes in an open and engaging style.

I would heartily recommend A Path To Publishing to anyone who is thinking about entering the publishing world or who wants to engage this world in fresh and innovative ways.

Thanks Ed for our time and for the book.  It was all well worth it.

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