Tom Sine is Blogging

Miracles will never cease they say and this statement is an indication of that.  Friends often ask me why my futurist husband is not more present in the blogosphere.  Well he is a self confessed digitally challenged technophobe who struggles as Jacques Ellul does with the ethical values behind much of our technology.

However the pressure of colleagues, friends and family has prevailed and he has agreed to add one blog post each week to the MSA blog.  More than anything we hope you will respond to his provocative questions.  This week A Carpenter Raising the Dead


4 Responses

  1. Excellent … I’ll drop him a line of encouragement and share the news with ESN …

  2. […] to Christine Sine who posted Tom Sine is Blogging (April 13, 2010).  Looking forward to Tom’s entering of the blogosphere 😉  His first […]

  3. Ah. Blogging. Perhaps I will set my fountain pen back in its rest, blot the bond paper, and send in a blog entry myself one of these days. What are the postal directions? I have some doubts about my own…

  4. John,
    I would love to have you contribute to one of the blogging series I run – maybe over the summer

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