New Year’s Eve Prayer

Here are some beautiful twitturgies that Gerard Kelly has uploaded on twitter during the day.    They form an awe inspiring prayer for all of us to pray at the end/beginning of this year… and have a happy new year – eat and drink sustainably as you celebrate

  • Give us grounds for hope God in the oceans of change ahead. May our heart’s compass find true north, and follow.
  • As light to find what otherwise was lost come redeemer come. As fire to burn what otherwise was dross come, sent one of God
  • Multiply our resolutions God to make the revolution that we need. From willing hearts forge global change.

2 Responses

  1. Christine, I’m new to your blog thanks to Violet Nesdoly’s link in today’s Other Food: Daily Devo’s and I’ll be back. I’m also new to the word “twittergy” but if I were on Twitter this is something I’d sign up for. What lovely bursts of sunshine to refocus us on God!

    I’ll be following your posts through Bloglines. This first visit has definitely warmed my spirit.

    God bless you as you continue to live in His light.

  2. Joanna,
    Thanks and I love your description of Gerard’s twittergies as bursts of sunshine. They are indeed that.

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