Advent is Coming – Will You Join Me?

Tom and I are finally done with our travels.  It is good to be back in Seattle and getting my clock and my life turned around after our hectic Fall schedule.


I came back to beautiful orchids in bloom which certainly lifted my spirits when I considered the mountain of work that awaits me…. and it is almost Advent.

During Advent which begins November 29th, I plan to host a blog series entitled What Are We Waiting for This Advent Season? and I would love to have some of you contribute to this series.

Advent is the season when we await the coming of the Christ Child.  But what does that mean?  Christmas and the coming of Christ mean different things to different people.

For some the season of Advent is the anticipation of the coming of a Saviour who brings personal salvation for those who choose to follow him.  For others it is the anticipation of a Saviour who will redeem all creation with love and righteousness.  For others this season is the anticipation of the coming of a God who brings justice for the poor and freedom for the oppressed.  For others it is the anticipation of judgement for the oppressors.  For still others it is the remembrance of a child whose birth two thousand years ago radically refocused our world.

What are you waiting for this Advent season? I would love to hear and I know that many others would be interested too.  You may wish to contribute written reflections, photos, poetry or even music.  My plan is to list the readings from the daily lectionary each morning and post the contributions that have come in each day.  I am hoping that these contributions will reflect a variety of viewpoints and encourage all of us to think more deeply about the birth of Christ and what it means to those who follow him.

If you are interested in participating in this blog series let me know.  Leave a comment on this blog post or send me an email at .  I will send out instructions at the beginning of next week.
I am really excited about this series.  The last series I hosted over the summer What is a Spiritual Practice was highly successful and many people told me how helpful they found it to reflect on how they encountered and interacted with God.  I am hopeful that this Advent series will help us to take our focus away from the distractions of our consumer driven lifestyles and really enable us to enter into the contemplation of the coming of our Saviour whose life and love created our world and still fill our world.

32 Responses

  1. hi, will be interested to participate in the Advent series. Pls keep me posted.
    Thank you,

  2. Morning Christine, would love to join you in the Advent series.
    today is shaping up to be quite warm here in Ryde, NSW so I’m not sure my summer Advent will tie in with your Winter one!
    I am reading your book Godspace that I bought at Black Stump and am just up to the chapter on Advent!

  3. Becky, I think it will be great to get views of a summer Advent as well as winter.

    • the cicadas are drumming outside so loud I can hardly think! Christmas beetles are starting their annoying dive-bombing routine and my agapanthus plants have all got heads waiting to bloom. When my son was little and wanted to chop the flower heads off to use as a sword, I told him Christmas wouldn’t happen if the agapanthus didn’t flower! Not sound theology but it saved my aggies!

  4. Dear Christine, Looking forward to the opportunity! Please keep me posted. In Christ, Tom

  5. Sounds fascinating. Count me in!
    Jason F

  6. Blessings Christine caught some of the spiritual practice articles was was great .. would love to participate in the Advent series… please keep me posted.. forever in the grip of grace

  7. Sounds great. keep me posted. It should be easier to get post to you now that we’re not trying to sell our house! 🙂

  8. Yeah, count me in

  9. Thank you for invitation, I will work on this.

  10. Yes, thank you–would like to participate.

  11. Count me in, when do you want the post sent to you? Tnx for the invite, Jason

  12. I would love to contribute

  13. Christine – What a fantastic idea/theme!! I would love to participate. And btw, I really enjoyed the spiritual practice series.

  14. I may or may not contribute, but I certainly will follow your postings.


  15. I will participate if I feel I have something to say. Otherwise, I enjoy what others have to say.

  16. This is such an important theme. I’m always surprised when I meet Christians who do not celebrate Advent in their churches or homes (at least not in any deliberate way). Understanding what it means to wait and anticipate and hope is to understand Christmas.

    Anyway, I’m so glad you’re doing this series, and I would love to participate.

  17. hey christine, i always like to be part of your beautiful stuff…just lmk

  18. I’d love to join, Christine. Thanks for the invite. 🙂

  19. Thanks for this opportunity. I’m really excited about it. Please send the info by the 29th if at all possible. I’ll be leaving for Ethiopia on the 30th.

  20. I’d like to participate!

  21. Thank you. Count me in. Good stuff.

  22. I would love to participate again. Advent is my favorite liturgical season! Blogging in the middle of the month (December teens) would be best for me. Blessings, Bowie

  23. i am an advent blogging fiend. thanks for using my fiendishness for good.

  24. Dear Christine,

    very happy to be part of this, if it helps,

    as ever


  25. Hi Christine, I would love to participate. Please let me know word count requirement and deadline. Thanks,

  26. […] What Are We Waiting For This Advent Season? […]

  27. I would love to write a reflection on advent, let me know details via e-mail at


  28. we wait what we have never seen…….my reply to
    your …advent coming..though now advent is here..
    I still want to be part of your attempt to let us share..
    advent..even this year..
    and so here is my bit…..coming cross the oceans..
    from this tiny these weeks focused on..
    as we in the capital have the climate conference..
    going on right now..

    but I live up north far from the big city..12 yrs ago
    I left to stay up nordjylland.
    I made a wise is a sky above a bit
    of are two seas…and one fjord…
    so the light is reflecting all seasons..
    but every year when spring comes back..and
    lift up the land into the sky again..we wonder
    we almost beautiful…
    and waiting through a long dark winter..makes
    it so beautiful…as advent makes the waiting..
    a lesson of daring to trust..
    and as I have tryed to say it in my poem..
    we may not just..we must..
    its all about it. here and there and

    it can be so tough to …but its all empty
    without it,.

    I am now 70 I have had my share
    of lessons..

    but the one…from mistrust to trust..
    takes a lifetime..
    and I am still trying..

    have a blissful advent time..
    every one..

    marianne…in nordjylland


    we wait what we have never seen
    we wait for what has never been
    in our time..we wait
    what we have longed to see
    that love inside that stable..we
    would enter through the door
    and find what shephards saw

    maria her lap that kid
    that later open shall the lid
    of every cuffin..give
    from God the gift to live
    not just this way still swept in skin
    to follow time..but to begin
    anew in deepest care
    and we are almost there

    when knowing weeks of winter brought
    to all what all have always sought
    forgiveness for each sin
    oh let us from within

    not ever lose that deepest trust
    indeed we may not just..we must
    believe the saviour born
    to earth..that all forlorn
    shall never interfere
    that heaven now is here

    that boy shall grow to man
    and doing so he can
    what no one ever could
    and so he wood
    and weed has dared to..but
    for just their time..and not
    as he has trusting God
    been able to..that mud
    though covering the bits
    of our being..lits
    up by the deepest glow
    of them two eyes who know
    all beings deep despare
    from his own heart..and dare

    to open up the death
    and blow to let a breath
    that never is to end
    into all beings…mend
    for ever what was torn
    for therefore he was born

    in that one stable lay
    that winter night on hay
    and sipped marias love
    from her as if above
    that freezing winter night
    was not but heavens light

    had come to say we saw
    that saviour and adore
    his coming..let be told
    this wonder to unfold

    that waiting is a bliss
    when what we wait is this
    that though its long ago
    in our hearts he blow
    still bliss of all that trust
    thats never ever lost


    marianne nordjylland
    8 december 2009

    glædelig adventtid…
    danish for: happy advent time

  29. […] December 2009 In early November, Christine Sine invited readers of her blog to join in reflecting on Advent.  During this season, what are we waiting […]

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