A Prayer for All Saints Eve

Jesus & disciples

Let us stand with those who have gone before

We are back in Seattle our heads still whirring with the disorienting experience of starting the day with a beautiful spring morning and ending with blustery autumn weather.  I am also adjusting slowly to the images of pumpkins on doorsteps and scary halloween decorations all over the place – not something that Australia has yet cottoned onto thank goodness.

Most of the US is gearing up for Halloween tonight.  I find myself reflecting on All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints Day tomorrow and especially all those who have gone before us witnessing to the goodness of our God.  Here is a prayer that I wrote this morning as part of that remembrance

God we are surrounded by a cloud

Faithful witnesses who have gone before

Those who have loved where we would have hated

Those who have healed where we would have hurt

Those who have spoken out when we would have remained silent

God may we walk in their footsteps

Learning courage from their sacrifice

Gaining strength from their faithfulness

May we learn to give so that others may receive

May we learn to love so that others may be set free

May we learn to die to ourselves so that others might live

God may we join that cloud of faithful witnesses

Treading paths of loving obedience

Leaving footprints that others desire to walk in

God may we too lead kingdom lives



6 Responses

  1. Beautifully and wonderfully inspiring and blessed prayer! Thank you!

  2. Appreciate the prayer… I’ll be sharing this with others.
    Well Done. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this, Christine. We have never really considered All Saints Day as a family and yesterday we had a wonderful conversation around our “Sabbath Breakfast” about those who have gone before us.

    It was good to tell those stories to our kids!

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