Maybe Religion is the Answer Claims Atheist Scientist

Late yesterday afternoon I took a break from my usual activities and followed some of the fun and interesting links that I had come across in the last few days.  Yes that is the kind of thing that I do for relaxation.

Most of them explore different aspects of autumn (sorry to my readers in the Southern hemisphere for whom this may have little relevance).  However the first article about the place that Christians can play in addressing climate change was really caught my attention.  i sent it out on twitter but because of the interest decided to add it as part of this blog post too.

Anyhow I have come across some other great articles too that are more entertaining about the environment that I wanted to share with you so thought that I would lump them all together in one blog post.

Maybe Religion is the Answer Claims Atheist Scientist

12 Cheap and Simple Ways to Experience Autumn

Five Models For Free Fruit

The Call of the Wild Foods

Adventures in Urban Foraging

Enjoy the articles and get out and enjoy the autumn too.  Or the spring if you live Down Under.


2 Responses

  1. Let us hope that Christians in general are part of the solution and not part of the problem. Sometimes I feel hopeful and can see all the ways that those who believe and seek to follow a creator God should be in the forefront of addressing this issue.

    Other times I come across Christians who spend so much time denying ‘science’ whether it be the age of the earth or evolution that they find it easier to deny what the ‘experts’ are saying in the area of climate change. Don’t know the answer – but your blog is always a voice of encouragement and pragmatism in this area – that is a compliment by the way!


  2. I think God has an agenda for freaking the world out. Jesus told me a year ago that His current agenda is to prove to mankind that with all his wisdom and technology that he still has not control of the world. I think it is working.

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