Mothering as a Spiritual Practice

Another beautiful day in Seattle and Tom and I are getting ready for a few days vacation up on Mayne Island, one of the Canadian gulf islands.  The weather is supposed to be good and I am really looking forward to a few days off – hoping that the blackberries and apples are ready like they were last year and that I can get my fill of apple and blackberry cobbler (Yes I do enjoy my food and I wish someone would do a post on Eating as Spiritual Practice – so much of our faith revolves around the dining room table

Today’s post in the What is a Spiritual Practice series comes from Tara Malouf a professional photographer who has gifted us with beautiful photos from both the garden seminars and our recent Celtic retreat.  Tara blogs at Storyformed She is currently working on a calendar for the 2009 – 2010 liturgical year which she calls the Story – Formed calendar.  Her last year’s calendar was one of the most beautiful liturgical calendars I have seen so I am really looking forward to this year’s

Ricci Kilmer and Gabriel at Celtic Retreat - photo by Tara Malouf

Ricci Kilmer and Gabriel at Celtic Retreat - photo by Tara Malouf

It dawned on me this morning that my mothering is a spiritual practice!! Though much of what I do on a daily basis is mundane, tedious and repetitive (and will never get its own reality TV show), everyday those repetitive actions lead me into a deepening of my walk with God.

As I watch my children from a distance, I smile at who they are becoming and am amazed at their creativity and abilities. And so I enter into the delight of a Parent Whose eyes sparkle at the very sight of His children.  Read the entire article


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