Re-establishing Spiritual Practices in a New Place

This morning I have decided to post two articles in the What is a Spiritual Practice Series.

The first is by my good friend Eliacin Rosario Cruz who is obviously having a little fun with his post.  He has entitled it Being Quiet as a Spiritual Practice.

The second is by Ed Cyzewski author of Coffehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and would heartily recommend to everyone.  He is a freelance writer and blogs at In A Mirror Dmly

It’s been two weeks since we made the move to Connecticut. Today I cut apart the last of the boxes in our living room, leaving only 3 in our bedroom out of those which still need to be unpacked.

Our futon frame arrived today and we’ll be shopping for a mattress this weekend.

We’ve been kayaking in the Long Island Sound twice, the UConn Dairy Bar once, and Diana’s Pool at least four times. I’ve been to Home Depot and Aldi twice. On our way back from Diana’s Pool there’s a nice guy with a huge garden and a tiny farm stand where we buy corn, cucumbers, and peppers. Just down the road from him is a lady with pick-your-own blueberries.

In short, we’re settling in.  Read the entire article


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  1. […] Settling In: Reestablishing Spiritual Practices in a New Place by Ed Cyzewski, author of Coffeehouse Theology […]

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