Spiritual Discipline – Serving At the Pantry

Well yesterday afternoon all my good intentions went out the window.  I had expected to post another of the excellent articles still being submitted for the series on What is a Spiritual Discipline but two things happened to change all that.  First the temperature in Seattle climbed to an all time record of 103 F so Tom and I decided to take our golden retriever Bonnie to the doggie beach for a swim.  Even for those like me who enjoy hot weather this is a little much.

We returned home to find a message from my brother saying that my Dad passed away yesterday.  He was 90 so not totally unexpected but as all of you who have lost a parent know that does not make it easier.  So I will be heading down to Australia probably Monday and would appreciate your prayers.

Anyhow with that obviously important preamble I still wanted to make sure that you do not miss out on the excellent articles that continue to come my way.

This morning’s article is from Maria Henderson from California who blogs at Spiritual Birdwatching.

It must have been one of those typical Sunday mornings when I really did not want to be at church, turning the bulletin over looking for something interesting to read (the pastor’s wife offers up the occasional NT Wright or Miroslav Volf quote for our edification), when I saw the invitation: Help needed at the AIDS pantry, Monday evenings, Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons. Call Bob. No thunderbolts, no drama. Just two thoughts that connected in my addled brain: I’ve been thinking about food and our food systems, why not get involved in helping those who don’t have enough food? And, somehow, this might be a place to encounter Jesus.  Read the entire article


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  1. So sorry to hear about your Dad, Christine. Will be praying …

  2. […] Spiritual Discipline–Serving at the Pantry by Maria Henderson […]

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